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Where do you play, how good are you, do you even like to Golf? Etc.

I am relatively new to the game, I get our during the summer probably once every two weeks or so. I enjoy it, although I don't know if I am really improving. I have given thought to some lessons, but it really is my short game that kills me most of the time.
You've been busy tonight.

I do not like golf and as you can imagine am not very good.
For me 9 holes with a few beers is all I can take once a year.

I was married to the daughter of tournament director of the PGA .

I have been in sales & marketing for close to 15 years now and customer golf is not on my agenda.

By the way I live close to New Orleans. It has been sunny and in the 80's the last two weekends. I have been working in the yard and got a sunburn. My kids actually swam in our pool today.
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I usually get out one or twice a month durring the year. If I can make it back with only losing two or three balls in the drink than that's a good day for me... I just go to have fun. My short game is what kills me too, I can drive the ball a mile but have a hard time from 50-60 yards out. Get Tiger Woods 2004 for PS2... it helps build confidence :wink:
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I love golf, but the feeling is not mutual (probably about an 18 handicap). I play all over Cbus but my favorite courses are probably Granville or Cook's Creek.

In fact, the game is one reason I am now 'semi-retired'. I decided to take the summer off after my son's Junior year at OSU because I knew that would be the last chance we would have to play together on a regular basis before he began his serious 'working life'. I haven't gone back to work full time since.
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I love golf and have been playing it for over 30 years (since I was 10). No matter if I have a bad day on the course or a great day, I can't wait to go back for more.

I love the individualness of the game. No referee has a hand in the outcome and your score is based on your effort.

There are many fantastic courses on the west coast of Michigan. If the weather were better year round it could rival many southern destination areas.

I am working with my daughter to get her playing well and hopefully at the high school level and beyond. My experience, is that it is probably one of the hardest games to work with your kids on. It is very easy for them to become frustrated.
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I try to golf once every other week or so. I've only been out once so far this year. Shot a 93 for 18 holes. I got a Medicus over the winter and it seems like swinging that in my living room has really helped my game. A 93 is at least 10 strokes better than I usually do.
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Living in Hawaii, I really should play at least once in a while, but I literally cannot remember for sure the last time I've played. I played occasionally in Okinawa in the mid 1990s, but since I moved back here in 1996 I may have played 3-4 times. I think the last time was for a friend's retirement in 1999. I did used to play fairly often here from 1988-1990 and got down to a 15 handicap, but since then I rarely set foot near a course let alone play a round of golf. I've gone through too many broken clubs to even think about starting up again.
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I used to golf more, but have really lost interest in it. If I am going to take a day off I would rather go fishing. I usually go once or twice a year.

Spongebuck is right, there are lots of great courses in West MI. If any of you Buckeyes in OH are looking for nice courses I would recommend West MI, but maybe up closer to Gaylord and Traverse City.

Just remember, instead of paying all those green fees every summer you could have a hell of a trout setup. Plus, with fishing you don't have to pay just to go stand in a river.
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I was the only female on the golf team at my high school (my school was too small to have a women's team). It was a blast! Unfortunately, I haven't played much since -- none of my friends seem to like golf, so I never have anyone to golf with. :(
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