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How Many Will OSU Take in 2004?


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I have seen comments from people saying that the coaching staff will max out our scholarships this year and take 25+. I also remember reading an article somewhere that said that Coach Tressel wanted to get a better balance on the number of scholarships opening up every year. Instead of having 25 one year and 15 the next they would try and keep it around 20 every year.

Any thoughts or insight as to how many will be signed this next year?
I seem to recall Coach Tressel saying he wanted to balance the classes out as well. I think we get 22-24 kids this year unless guys at the last minute from oos want to be Buckeyes, especially o-lineman. IMO, I think this wanting to balance out the classes is part of the reason guys like Cadogan and some others weren't given offers. Go after the top guys and bank the scholies you don't use.

As soon as I finish my list I'm gonna start a "Predict the rest of the class" thread. It won't get buried on here like it would on Bucknuts.
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Nutty - I'm looking forward to your "rest of the class" thread. I've got a list myself, and would like to compare note.

BTW, I think that OSU takes at least 13 more players this year, unless the recruting effort really falls apart at the end. I think that OSU is "in" on too many good players, and that we may actually need to turn a few kids away.
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Lord, I have to listen to a game tonight online and I will try to finalize my list. I certainly hope we have to turn a few kids away. I also hope Leon Hart was watching the Gamecocks last night.
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How do you see the amount of scholarships given out playing into the "needs by position"?

It seems that the coaches will have to have a very good idea of who is out there for next year (i'm sure they do) and how they may play into what we need.

Do you also see us having the potential at more "greyshirts"?
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