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How many still believe in Malik to OSU?


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Absolutly nothing is pointing towards Ohio State, besides Kyle Lamb's few conversations. There has been no other media outlet that has put the Buckeyes in contention anymore. As late as today there have been congratulations to scUM's rivals site, by posters from UCLA to Kansas. I personally don't think Hairston will end up in Michigan. Lets face it, he knows where he's going. Nothing new will come up between today and when he picks (unless Amaker stuffs an envelope in Richard's jacket). So if he planned to go to Michigan, why not have a big press conference, family on hand at his future school. Why... because he isn't planning to go there. I think it's a last minute visit that momma Hairston wanted him to take. Sure, sh'll be chirpping in his ear, about how nice it would be to have him close to home... but he can't discount how they handled the whole Crawford situation. This leads me to believe that he'll take his 2 or 3 days, keep his family and freinds in mind... and in turn choose to come to The Ohio State University. With the recent addition of Foster, this adds another player to what can be an up tempo game. Let's face it.. if he goes to scUM, they'd be a bit better, if he chooses OSU... we'd be a bit better. So there is really no differential in which school has a better chance at winning. UCLA has improved themselves but are just too far, and they still have to compete with Stanford and Arizona for Pac-10 dominance. Kansas just had an exodus, and will be worse off next year, than they were this past season. So I think the end decision looks good for OSU, based on closeness, ability to win, quality coaching, great teammates and loyalty to him throughout this whole process.
Here's a few reason why I don't think he'll pick us:

  • He's from Michigan
  • He seems to want to be on a guaranteed winner
  • Ohio State isn't a household word when it comes to college basketball

I hope I'm wrong...
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It look like the attitude on the Michigan Rivals board has gone from confident yesterday, to saying most of them believe it's down to scUM and Ohio State. After what I have read, I think scUM is definetly the team to beat, but this isn't over yet! Here's the latest article:

Posted: May 3, 2004
It's anyone's guess at this point

Hairston Decision By Mid-Week

By Dave Telep
National Recruiting Director
Malik Hairston says he’ll make his decision mid-week but he hasn’t ruled out anyone yet. We caught up with Malik upon his return from an official visit to Oklahoma and an unofficial to Michigan.
Malik Hairston
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The Malik Hairston recruitment will end sometime soon, likely by the middle of the week. “I’ll have a meeting with Coach Walker this week and my parents and a decision will be done,” Hairston said.

However, at this point, Hairston said he hasn’t eliminated anyone and doesn’t, in his mind have a favorite school. Well, he’s going to have to get moving if he wants to decide by mid-week.

In the last 7 days, he’s seen three schools. Most recently, he had an unofficial visit with Michigan and was at Oklahoma officially on Saturday. Last weekend was his Oregon trip.

“These last two visits [Oregon and Oklahoma], they both went very well. My father sparked the interest in Oregon and that made my curious. I didn’t know too much about Oregon. They have a minority coach whose perimeter players have had a lot of success and moved on to play at the next level. That was very attractive. Everything went well but it was a long way from home.

“Oklahoma was similar. Guys seemed to get along very well. The team has potential to do something in the tournament. I think both teams are just a step away.”

Hairston wanted to give the Wolverines a chance to make their final pitch as the hometown school. “Honestly, if Michigan had to offer the same things that the other schools did, I would go to Michigan. I mean, why go extremely far when you could stay home? I wanted to give Coach Amaker one last time to listen to his words.”

Still, there’s a hurdle for Michigan. It sounds like other programs have sold him more on the overall impact he can have on their situations.

“If [Michigan] were willing to make the similar commitment like me being that guy for their team, then I would stay at home. Michigan is an outstanding school. They’re a pretty storied school. They’re basically saying that I’ll be the guy for their team.”

Obviously, some schools have convinced Malik that he’ll be the star where others think he’ll be a piece that takes them to the next level.

“Some of them are telling me that I’ll be the piece of the puzzle that they’re missing. Kansas and Michigan are offering similar things. UCLA, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Oregon, they’re offering for me to run their team and I saw where it was possible when I was on the visit.” “Michigan and Kansas are more like I’m the puzzle piece that they’re missing. They have perimeter players, but I would be another. I guess it’s somewhat of a disadvantage.” So, with just a few days remaining before he decides, exactly what is Hairston looking for in a school? “What I’m looking for is to be very effective and have a lot of responsibility my freshman year. I want to be able to make my mistakes early so I can go ahead and improve on them.”
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Our chance is really really good in landing Malik. This will be IMHO the biggest recruit to have an impact on any OSU athletic program in recent history (maybe since JJ). In an era where few of the top hs basketball players are going to college, this is one of those guys that will come in and have a huge impact. This would pay divedendes on the future recruiting landscape for the Bucks, as well. Excitement is around the corner if Malik decides to join Jim O Brien and his Ohio State Buckeye basketball team. I'm pumped
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Starbucks, I have believed in OSU all the way and here is why and I have not said there anywhere yet but his high school who maybe doesn't have the influence of his AAU coach but is still has some has never been a Michigan man, I know this because I played college ball with him. You will notice that none of the Renaissance players have attended scum since mark White has been the head coach there and there is more talent on the way.
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cross your fingers

I am hoping he will select OSU but who really knows, the kid can't seem to make up his mind from what I read. He has family members who want him to go to Michigan and then others that would like to see him at Ohio State, I give us a slight edge over SCUM due to immediate playing time and the impact he can have on the program.

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Well, guys here is an update from Wall 2 Wall Sports:

Jeff Hogan: Malik Hairston is EXPECTED to announce his college plans on Monday....Coach Walker said he needs another day of decison making...he made a new chart today with Ohio State on top, followed by Kansas and UCLA.

Terwilliger: "I can understand why this is dragging out....mine kinda dragged out....but, when you make the decison you have to be sure"

Jamar Butler: " he's such a good player top 10 on some websites...he's probably just scared and waiting to make the right decison"
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Malik will be a buckeye. Believe in tOSU, not just tOSU Football. We are usualy one of the best in the bigten, which is one of the best conferences for college bball. Folks recognize our hoops squad more than yawl think. He's ours !
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Oh, hey - ditto. I want nothing more than for Obie to get the things back on track. I just think that if we do snag Hairston, it won't be a result of program prestige, of which he have little/none.
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Yeah, those 9 Final Four appearances and the 2 B10 regular season titles and B10 tournament titles in the last five years are meaningless...

I saw somebody on another board say "We're no scum when it comes to basketball". They were right. We're far better then scum. Sure the last two years have been down, but we dominated scum throughout the first part of the O'Brien era. Most of the scum success people remember was built through cheating and isn't even the record books. Do you realize that the Fab Five never won a championship of any kind, not even B10? (We were winning both of those with JJ at the time). You look at history, use any standard(national titles, F4s, B10 titles, National Players of the Year, head to head record) and OSU is clearly superior to scum in hoops. I don't think a lot of people realize this, and they should.
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