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How many of you think L.Ross should play tonight?

Should Ross play tonight? Heck yeah!!! He would make a great blocking back on pass plays. Should they hand the ball off to him? Ummm, NO! Unless of course we are up 28 in the 4th quarter and then you alternate Ross & R. Parker to give the seniors some love.
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Seriously, let's give some of the 5th year seniors some PT. Roshawn? hell yes!

The vision just came to me === I see Teddy Ginn throwing the TD pass to Santonio off the Flanker reverse!!

I see Nuuuuuuuugent kicking 6 field goals!!

One INT return for TD by Ashton Youboty

Final score: 25-22 Ohio State

Mike Nugent = new all time scoring leader in OSU history

Go Bucks!
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