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How many of you got cut off with 5 minutes left in the game?


Yes, I was totally pissed that we lost, but I know some of the calls didn't go our way either which could have made a little difference. However, when ABC switched over to the USC game to see them kneeling the ball that really fried my eggs. I'm a fan that wants to watch his team both in Victory and defeat, but these assholes at ABC must have thought that we here in the midwest gave a flying shit about USC kneeling the ball to finish off the game and then having the nuts to not switch it back.

Well, I was so irrate that I contacting our local ABC affiliate to see why this occured and before I could get out "Well I was watching the game...." they interupted me and told me that they have received numerous phone calls concerning this matter and that I was to call the headquaters in New York.

Well, I proceeded to call New York to voice my disgust on their decision and it took me 20 to 30 minutes to get through since the line was busy. Well, when I finally got through a lady comes on and ask for my comments on the game being switched to a different region. At this point, I was amased because I thought I might have been the only one with the drive to get my voice heard on this matter, but here it showed me how many faithful Buckeye fans were upset that could not finish watching the game even in defeat.

ABC btw, will be sending me a written response to my comments within a week and I will post.

GO BUCKS!!:osu4:
I ended up watching the game in the oldest (and smallest) bar in Ft Collins. I noticed a sign a few weeks ago that said they have GamePlan, so I thought I'd walk down and see if hey'd put the Bucks on for me. Luckily, there were only two other guys in the bar when I got there, a Georgia fan and a scUMer bandwagoner :mad2: . Anyhow, they did put our game on for me, but the Tennessee/Georgia game got the big TV (and the audio).

Anyhow, the scUMer was an ass, though he didn't taunt me too much, just the occassional snide comment. I cut myself off after half time, as I was getting a bit of a buzz and had to head down to Denver that evening with my wife for a friend's party. I considered leaving with a minute or so on the clock, then decided I didn't want to give the scUMer the satisfaction of seeing me leave early, so I stuck it out. The Georgia fan was as boisterous as they come, but was a lot of fun to hang out with. Both of us were pretty bummed by the end of the games, but as I told it to the scUMer, "looks like you'll have a lot more to lose come late November, and that's how we like it".

Anyhow, the game didn't get cut off, I'm assuming it was because it was on GamePlan.
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Gameplan is a (slightly expensive) advantage where I am in the SW, as they always take the current game to conclusion. Of course that can sometimes be a disadvantage at the front end, if the earlier game goes long. However, that is probably a problem in regular broadcast areas too, although I hear that local Ohio fans will be cut away to early.
Go Bucks!
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They cut over to USC where I am, too. I was REALLY pissed. A. I don't really give a shit about the condoms, and B. why should anyone care about watching them take a knee to finish the game? That was unbelievable. Granted, we were pretty much finished at that point, but anyone who watches college football knows that 5 minutes is an eternity- a lot can happen in 5 minutes.

I sent ABC a really nasty e-mail, but I don't expect a response.
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