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Horseshoot is full of HorseSHIT!!

Entrance exam- great idea. How about this....

1. Do Buckeye fans still care about MoC news?

2. Does it matter that we win close games?

3. Mark and Trev are:
A. Senseless idiots
B. Butt-buddies
C. Worthless windbags
D. All of the above

4. Which is better-
A. 10-1 season with a loss to michigan
B. 8-3 season with a win over michigan

5. List as many derogatory names for the university of michigan as you can

6. Which coach should be fired because of our performance in the last game?
A. Tressel
B. Bollman
C. Snyder
D. None of them

7. Does OSU have a QB controversy? If yes, who is better able to solve it- you, or Coach Tressel?

8. Please list the following:
1. Your favorite pancake topping
2. Your favorite car
3. Do you prefer in-ground or above-ground pools?
4. If you were a tree in the state of Alabama, what kind of tree would you be?

9. The end zones for this year's Orange Bowl Championship game are already painted. What do they say?

10. If a 7-11 Slurpee machine holds 10 gallons of Slurpee mix, how many 16 oz. Slurpees could Tibor get for Mili before the machine runs dry?

11. What is Andy Katzenmoyer up to now?
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