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The Man Who Started A Dynasty
Hey...I am new to this board but not Buckeye football (fanatic for 40+ years). In fact my Mom went to the dedication of the stadium in 1921...

Here's my email to Home Depot and their response to my email stating my business will be going to Lowes due to their attack on Buckeye football and particularly COACH TRESSEL:

"Contact Us" Form Message From: david smith
Submitted: Fri, Nov 12, 2004 05:47:04 PM
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 260 6325551
Zip/Postal Code: 46797
Subject: Other
Store Locator:
Service Number:
Just wanted you to know that I will be taking my future business to
Lowe's. Perhaps you will be receiving thousands of emails like mine. The
reason for my decision is the ridiculous attack by ESPN on the football
program at The Ohio State University (and particularly their personal
attack on Coach Tressel and mocking his religious faith...Quote from
ESPN "Tressel looked like a minister in his trademark sweater vest and
perfect haircut, and played the part, too, founding a Fellowship of
Christian Athletes chapter at the school." Home Depot is the main
sponsor of College Game Day and therefore you obviously must endorse
this type of "attack/sleaze" journalism. I would very much appreciate a
response to this email stating your position regarding this attack on
Coach Tressel's personal faith.

David Smith
[email protected]

Hello David,

Thank you for contacting The Home Depot and sharing your concerns. We
sincerely appreciate hearing from all of our customers.

As far as our advertising policy is concerned, for competitive business
reasons The Home Depot advertises on programs that are most popular with
the viewing public. We work hard to avoid programs that are
inconsistent with our values, but as you probably know, it is impossible
to preview content of any program prior to its broadcast.

The Home Depot is committed to building stronger communities. We are
proud of our long tradition of supporting organizations working in the
areas of affordable housing, disaster preparedness, at-risk youth and
the environment. Over the last 12 years, The Home Depot has contributed
nearly $200 million and tens of millions of volunteer hours to
worthwhile causes.

We hope this answers your concerns. Thank you, again, for sharing your
comments. We appreciate hearing from all of our customers.
If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us

Your Home Improvement Partner,

Kyle W.

Here's the link to tell them how you feel [email protected]
Also sent an email to Tom Friend but HMMM NO response...

Tom Friend -

Perhaps you could find some credible sources to corroborate your story. Interesting how an expose on college football seems to come out this time of year (every year)! Why not interview ex-coach Earle Bruce, ex-coach John Cooper, Chris Spielman, Eddie George, Matt Wilhelm, Craig Krenzel, Mike Vrabel... I think you get the point or is it anything/anybody to sell a mag. I for one will be canceling my subscription.
Bet Dan Patrick is looking forward to coming to OSU next week or perhaps this is another part of the ratings ploy!

Have a great day and GO BUCKS!

David Smith

In case you want to let him have it:[email protected]
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