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Hineygate...how was it today?


Capo Regime
Staff member
Feb 20, 2004
In the vicinity of Myrtle Beach, SC
brutusbabe said:
Heard that at the VC two strippers from SG where all over each other. They must not have been able to find the stadium to locate Lydell. There was also the weekend headliner there but she was being more discreet in her actions.
Damn babe I thought we were getting new pics of you for sure:2004:
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Jun 8, 2003
Lima, Oh
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Sorry that it me took me so long to get the info out.
It was after the game there were plenty of the noraml mishapen saggy tits everywhere but then what just might have been the two hottest chix in Col got up on some shoulders. There was/is no doubt that these chix were strippers. there was a short brunette with a black thong and lo-cut jeans and a rather taller one with possibly the greatest rack I have ever seen. even my wife was impressed :)
At first it was just cute shit, teasing the crowd by pulling thier shirts up just below the boobs and then pulling the shirts back down. Then the taller one grabbed the other by the back of the head and quite often decided to find out what she had for breakfast. After that the tits came out quite often the making out got a little hotter.
Then they we gone for about a half of an hour and then they were back and picked up where they left off.
The funniest thing about it was a Col police officer was right behind them standing on a platform. he had the best seat in the house and a shit eating grin from ear toear.
If have been to a bunch of the hineygates but this one was my best Hineygate ever!!
The ladies dancing on stage seemed to be a notch higher that normal as well.

On a side note the entire day (tailgate, game post game) was a political rally with a Bush and Kerry stickers and signs all over the fucking place. All I wanted was one day from all of that shit and a little here and there would have been tolerable, but godamn every time I turned around someone was trying to put a sticker on me. One mother fucker almost recieved a major leaugerass beating when he tried to put one on my wife when she tried to walk away he grabed her arm. I grabbed his throat and his lackey pulled him away and apologized for him. Hands off my wife fuck-o!
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