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Hey, all you BUCKEYE fans!

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I'm a newbie here & just wanted to say Hi to all you BUCKEYE fans. I live in the greater Cleveland area, Lorain County to be exact, which is the same area that produced BUCKEYE greats Steve Tovar, Raymont Harris,Joe Staysniak, Matt Wilhelm & Paul Matus from the 1942 Championship team. I won't make a nuisance of myself posting all the time, but I will be stopping by often to read what is posted. I'm definitely OLD school having followed the BUCKS since the mid-sixties.I hope I'll be welcome here, you all take care. Ken or 44OH44


Mr.FuzzyPants said:
I'm also from the northeast ohio lorain county area and went to high school with mike d'andrea. Welcome aboard
Fuzzy, I don't know how I could of left D'andrea off the list of mentioned Buckeyes, sorry about that. I also should have remembered Vic Janowicz.By the way, Congrats on Avon Lakes State Championship this past season. Take Care, 44OH44.
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