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BTN Here’s a look at Ohio State in the last 10 NFL drafts

  • Thread starter Tom Dienhart, BTN.com
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Tom Dienhart, BTN.com

Here’s a look at Ohio State in the last 10 NFL drafts
Tom Dienhart, BTN.com Senior Writer via Big Ten Network

Prolific. There is no other way to describe Ohio State’s performance in the last 10 NFL drafts. It’s a proverbial football factory in Columbus. In all, the Buckeyes have had 54 picks, including 13 first-round selections. In 2006, Ohio State was off-the-charts productive with five first-round picks. It takes some schools decades to have five total first-rounders. The Buckeyes have had no fewer than three selections in any draft since 2006. Linebackers (13) and defensive backs (12) had been the most popular positions. Ohio State will add to this impressive total in year’s draft with what figures to be a

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