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BB, I do believe you'll need the full version to make text edits. Reader is VERY basic. Mostly it lets you print and view files. Acrobat will let you edit files to a degree depending on how the original user/creator saved the pdf file. Distiller let's you create pdf files. Let me know when/if you get the full version running and I'll step you though it.
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i used to be a microsoft office junky for work but now that has changed.

i use a free office suite and it is simply put sweet and to bring this on topic, yes you can edit any pdf with it i believe. download yourself a copy of open office from http://www.openoffice.org and install that. it seems to be very stable on my windows xp machine at home and it is absolutely free and damn near as good as microsoft office. it even saves all its files in the MSoffice file extensions if you wish so you can bring them to work if need be.

i know i have done this in the past, but as i tried right now to leave you instructions i am drawing a blank on how to do it. all i can do is get the plain text to come into open office and not the formatting, fonts, graphics and whatnot. i know i have done this in the past, but it is eluding me right now.

if all you want is the text, you should be able to press edit in adobe acrobat then select copy to clipboard and then paste it into the word processor of choice and edit it from there. that is probably the simplest method.
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You do need the full version of Adobe Acrobat but I would suspect that the form will be password locked. You will be able to view and print it, much like Reader, but not change anything. Once you get it in the program look for the gold lock in bottom left hand corner and click on properties, it should tell you exactly what you can do. Good Luck.
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