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Help me settle a Debate

Buck Nasty

You'll have nothing and like it
Maybe I should change the title to if you don't agree with me you are wrong, but here goes.

How do you pronounce the following: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Are you like me and use the Correct phonetic pronunciation of Reese's that rhymes with pieces, or nieces, .

Or do you say Reese's as: Reecie, or Reecee.

I have a bet going with my wife that either inovolves a sex act of my choice, or painting (guess who's choice) why don't they ever bet sex?

It bugs the shit out of me when people call them Reecie cups.

Am I turning into "Bob"?

You are correct, not the wife.

Now tell your wife to get on her knees or get out the astroglide.

As I know it has to be one of these two acts.

(I'm guessing it's the prior.)
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ScarletInMyVeins said:
The best way I can explain it is... Reese's rhymes with Pieces. My nasty friend you are correct on this one.
That's what I tell her all the time, they would not have named them pieces if it did not rhyme with Reese's.

I now have another dilemma. Do I show her this thread to prove my point and get my payoff. Because if I do then she will find out where I have been spending all of my time recently and why my paychecks keep getting smaller. She probably would not be too happy I spilled the beans about the babysitter thing either. :!
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Don't let her know from whence the confirmation came. I started to send something I wrote that I thought was funny to my wife and right before I hit send thought, JHFCOBGC!, what am I thinking? Next thing you know she'd be reviewing 1,400 + posts, most of which would not surprise her, but who the fuck knows?
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