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Good luck this season.

BTW, any one know anything about Tyrell Sutton? He just verballed to Northwestern.

Anything you could share on him would be appreciated. E.g. Why didn't Ohio State offer him?

Thank you and regards
Welcome to the board Evanston. Always glad to have non-flaming fans from other schools - and I have never met a NU fan who was a flamer.

Check out our recruiting board and you will find an entire thread on Sutton. Essentially he was a bit undersized for OSU.
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There's a thread on the recruiting board about Sutton. I personally loved his highlight film. The kid is a ballplayer, no doubt. His size is what kept him from getting offered, even though he has the potential to become Ohio's all time leading rusher this season. Very nice pickup for you guys.
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Anyone familiar with EC's anti-OSU venom through the years should take this peace offering with the largest grain of salt availible. For those who aren't familiar with his act go visit the NU rivals site or ask around on the BSB forums. This guy is a dick of Holmsian proportions.

If this should just be a moniker coincidence of galatic improbability I apologize in advance.
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