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Heisman Frontrunners Week 1

Figured id start a thread saying who i am impressed with and who i beleive is in front for the Heisman is right now

Impressive Players: Week 1

Kay-Jay Harris, WVU RB- wow 337 yards, amazing player
Jonathon Fields, NW WR- 8 catches 202 yds, should be a weapon this year
Reggie Bush, USC RB/WR- 154 yds of total offense and 3 td's
PJ Daniels, GT RB- 169 yards and 3 td's, GT has a good one here
Chris Barclay, WF RB-179 yards rushing, 1 td, overall a good game
Darkhorse that i am happy about- Flydell, 141 yards and a TD, should be a good year for this guy

Heisman FrontRunners in my eyes right now

Matt Leinert USC
Brad Smith Mizzu
Darren Spoles KSU
Jason White- just bc he won it last year, i dont think hes that great
Chris Rix FSU
Anthony Davis Wisconsin
Cedric Benson
NEW GUY- KAY JAY HARRIS, if i was a WVU fan i would be excited could be the best of the bunch

Freshman With Best Chance At Heisman- Danny Ware Georgia
I'll second the Cedric Benson talk. Granted, UT did play North Texas and the jury will still be out on Benson until he does something against OU.

513 yards rushing by the 'Horns though is awfully impressive.
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How old is Cedric Benson, it seem like the guys been playing since the mid 90s :)

I agree with your eval of White, I'm not impressed by him very much at all, I don't see anything outstanding on the kid, he's good, but I wouldn't put him in the Heisman race eventhough he has one already
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