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MotS&G Heard Around the ‘Shoe – 4-12-2016

Ben Van Ooyen

Heard Around the ‘Shoe – 4-12-2016
Ben Van Ooyen
via our good friends at Men of the Scarlet and Gray
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

Todd McShay’s Latest Mock Draft (3 Rounds):

Round 1:

Joey Bosa #6 – Baltimore Ravens

Ezekiel Elliott #8 – Philadelphia Eagles

Taylor Decker #16 – Detroit Lions

Darron Lee #17 – Atlanta Falcons

Round 2:

Michael Thomas #32 – Cleveland Browns

Eli Apple #33 – Tennessee Titans

Vonn Bell #35 – San Diego Chargers

Nick Vannett #57 – Green Bay Packers

Braxton Miller #59 – Kansas City Chiefs

Round 3:

Joshua Perry #83 – New York Jets

Adolphus Washington #86 – Minnesota Vikings

Cardale Jones on Mike & Mike:

The guys asked @CJ12_ what bothers him about the NCAA ban on satellite camps. His response?

"Almost everything." pic.twitter.com/MWmw1OdRBe

— Mike & Mike (@MikeAndMike) April 12, 2016


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