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Old newb
Has anyone else noticed how quiet this story has gone? Nothing new coming out of ESPN for days. Activity on this temp board has dropped to almost nothing (posting of goofy MoC pics is the main activity). It's over. This story is done. It had no legs to begin with. They tried to make it run, but it couldn't.

ESPN threw some shit against the wall to see if it would stick. It didn't (though much of it slid off the wall and back onto MoC).

ESPN sent their dog into the field to see if it would hunt. It didn't. The only birds it flushed were a few disgruntled wash-outs.

The only thing that continues to bother me is that the sleaze-bags protected Mr. Such & Such and his identity remains undisclosed. Make no mistake, he/they is/are out there. And they represent the greatest danger to the program. Geiger and Tressel have done a good job cutting off their access to the players (and vaccinating the players against their infection). But Mr Such & Such is real. And he will rear his ugly head again one day.

Kudos to Coach Tressel for weathering the storm with class.

Mega-kudos to Andy Geiger for taking the shots and returning fire.

Now, can we all concentrate on football?

Unless this is the eye of the storm. I wouldn't put it past those worthless bastards at espn to drag out a few more lies before this is over.

I hope you're right, though. Now we can sit back and let the NCAA prove them wrong.
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They accomplished their objective - we are under NCAA investigation. Nothing good will come out of it, because they don't award extra scholarships if no wrongdoing is found and everyone in the media would call the investigation a sham anyway. This will also cost the school a lot of money that could have been put to better use. I wish they could send the bill to that cocksucker, Clarett.

We'll also be taking shit from other fans about this for years. Its a good thing for me that I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.
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Even the guys on ESPN's shows are questioning the validity. Yesterday on Around the Horn, Tim Calishaw made a statement similar to the fact that he wouldn't believe Clarett if he told him the sky was blue. He then went on to discuss Geiger's statements and they ended up stating how intelligent Geiger is, how is a great AD and how he must be extremely confident that there is nothing illegal going on, or he never would have invited the investigation. Of course, a few of them argued against Geiger's comments, but stopped short of defending the articles. Overall, it made the network look pretty stupid, in my opinion.
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The interesting thing they didnt have in their version of the atlethic department loaner cars that must places did was the paragraph about how it was a common pracitce,and the wisc ad saying, they stoped their similar program, but a lot of schools do it, only osu has a big one cuz they have the largest athletic department in teh country
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SportsCenter keeps on bringing it up, and keep conveniently mentioning "according an article in ESPN The Magazine" as if it were a separate entity and not a part of ESPN itself. They also ran a quick sound byte from Geiger, cutting out all the stuff where he slams everyone and leaving in the part where he says, "if there is anything, we'll correct it". Talk about editing to suit your "story".
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