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We are pretty constrained in what we can do with the book, but I do have an idea on how to do head to head bets. This will require a little cooperation.

Here is the idea:

1. If any two people want to bet on something against one another we can set up an event and label the event with their names in it. We would set the odds at 1 to 1 (unless they specified otherwise).

2. There is nothing to prevent anyone else from jumping in so we would have to use the honor system and stay out of others head to head bets.

3. To make it manageable such bets can't be too frequent since they require someone with the necessary authority to set it up. We willl have to sort that out as we go along. A couple of days notice will probably be part of the requirement.

4. Approval of any head to head bets would be at the discretion of the book.

Anybody who wants to give it a try post in this thread.
A thread maybe, but I don't know how to do that with books - they all come up when you list them. If we can figure out how to do that it would be a better solution.

I got 10 bucks says we can't.
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Oh8ch, can't you simply "close" the betting once the 2 designated bettors have placed their wager. It's not automatic, but I don't see why that wouldn't work to keep other bets off their book. It would just require (usually) that the three parties (Better 1 & 2, and the person with access to control the book) are on the board at the same time. Set up the bet, let the 2 members wager their money, close the betting, done.

I guess I don't know if you can specify a close date on the bet and then go back and alter it (close it early).

Anyway, that might be a possibility.

Also, I want to loan my money as a "loanshark". Anyway of doing this? I would charge a "minor", compounded daily fee ... he, he, he. I think I will enlist the capo regime to help me "collect" payments. :lol:
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