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Hawaii football team is an embarrassment


The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • Although I'm a big fan of the Warriors, they are the worst smack-talking punk team in division I-A. This is the second time they've started a brawl after winning a close game at home in the last two years (they did they same thing with Cincinnati last year after winning 20-19, taunting UC players with racist remarks). If they keep this shit up, they won't be able to schedule anyone anymore, let alone the big names that June Jones wants.
    I didn't see the incident last night, just heard about it on the radio on the way to work this morning. They were saying that last year the UC players and staff said that the Hawaii players were the responsible party, even though the Hawaii officials put the blamce on UC. Interesting how the same team is involved in something like this two years in a row and if they'll accept responsibility or not.
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    I watched the game and MIlli is right it was horrible. The game could have been an ESPN classic it had everything but the way it ended was pure bullshit. June Jones has to be held accountable the Hi players were complete assholes. Tommy Chang was the only one trying to break things up.

    Anyone interested in seeing a under-hyped football player needs to seer Tommy Chang. This kid is pinpoint every throw. If this kid played on the mainland his ass would have been in New York for the heisman show

    How about that big som bitch beating on the drum. The fights were going on, players swinging helmets at each other and he's walking through it all wearing a loin cloth and a smile. I kept waiting for him to rip the head with the spine connected out of someone and start swinging it around and beating people with it
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