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Hawaii ass-blasted by Fresno State


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  • Fresno State led 49-0 at halftime with 512 yards of offense, and even though they ran the ball almost every play in the second half, they still outscored Hawaii 21-14 in the second half to win 70-14, with 680 yards of total offense. Hawaii had two tough road games this year, and got destroyed in both (they also lost 69-3 at Boise State two weeks ago). Maybe we can get Hawaii to come to The Shoe next year...
    I saw the stat that showed where they got their asses kicked in every game they played on the mainland this year. I kinda feel sorry for them for having such harsh travel demands week in and week out... then I remember that these guys are in college and live in paradise, and I don't feel quite so bad anymore. Their existence has to be something close to that of a beer commercial.
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    I don't think their travel schedule is all that bad. I had to do quite a bit of Trans-Pacific traveling in the late '80s during my first tour here, and I found out that if you can sleep on the plane, it's not all that bad. Also, the eastern-most time zone they play in is the Central Time Zone, which is a difference of 5 hours in non-Daylight Savings Time and only 4 hours in DST. Besides, teams going to Hawaii have to do the same and they fare OK...plus the mainland teams face more of a distraction being in Hawaii than the Warriors do in the mainland. There's no excuse for them to give up 69 points to Boise State and 70 points to Fresno State.
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