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Pimp Minister Sinister
Happy Birthday to the Great # 7 on the Day of Game # 7!


American League MVP- 1956, 1957, 1962
Led AL in Home Runs- 1955, 1956, 1958, 1960
Career Grand Slams- 9

Pinch Hit Home Runs- 7
Three Home Runs in One Game- May 13, 1955
AL All Star Game- 1952-1965 (selected to both games 1959-1962)

Gold glove Award- 1962
Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame - 1974
AL All-Star Game: 1952-1965; selected to both games, 1959-1962

AL MVP: 1956, 1957, 1962
Career grand slams: 9
Career home runs: 536
Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame: 1974
Gold Glove: 1962
Led AL in home runs: 1955-56, 1958, 1960
Most at-bats for the Yankees: 8,102
Most games played for the Yankees: 2,401
Won AL Triple Crown: 1956
jlb1705 said:
I saw this post, and waited for Tibor to tee off on it. I'm a little disappointed. I expected something more like this:

A toast! To #7 on his birthday!

Good one. I had thought about putting a picture of a beer can or something, but thought that would be too offensive.
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They held on to not lose on your birthday, Mick.

Game ended at 12:01 a. m.

And as BN27 pointed out, they lost by 7 as a tribute to you.
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