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Hairston to take more time? (please god no)


Boner Jamz '03
Hopefully he does decide tonight, but I'm not counting on it.


Hairston close to decision?: Malik Hairston, a 6-5 senior from Detroit's Renaissance High, today is expected to choose either KU, Michigan, Ohio State, UCLA, Oregon, or Oklahoma with the help of his parents and AAU coach.

"Everything should be done tomorrow," Hairston's dad, Richard, told Shay Wildeboor of rivals.com Wednesday.

Later Wednesday evening, Malik Hairston didn't sound as optimistic as his father.

"I need to sit down one more time with my parents and coach to see if I can reach a decision," he told theinsiders.com. "It may take two more times. Actually I am going to take as many times as I need to make the right decision."

I don't think anybody will be suprised if he doesn't make a decision tonight. I wonder what piece of information he is misssing to make a decision. The late signing period is over when?
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Jeff Hogan of Channel 10 reported that he spoke with Malik's AAU coach, and he said that the decision for today was a "rumor". Malik and family would make an announcement by the end of the weekend. Channel 4 said much of the same having spoke with Poppa Hairston. They did add that a scUM radio station said a decision could come down tommorow.
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