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Who the hell is Billy Squier?

The Stroke ring a bell? Or Everybody Wants You?

Those were skating rink classics!!!!!!

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I just read "Straight Whisky", A living history of sex, drugs and rock n roll on the sunset strip....Basically stories of the whisky and rainbow room....but some classic stories involving Motley crue Poison ect....Very entertaining book...you should check it out...I'm down at the strip quite often, but wish I was there during the 60's 70's
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Got six correct. Knew the Bon Jovi, Billy Squire, Quiet Riot, and Twisted Sister lyrics without thinking. Had to do a coin toss on one of the other right answers (Motley Crue), and totally guessed on the other (Poison). Can't believe I missed the AD/DC answer.
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I got 9, but I don't really consider ac/dc, Billy Squire, Mettalica, and Queensryche "hair bands".

I did find it interesting that they made so many references to Y&T, for those of you that were 80's metal fans. What does Y&T stand for?

Yes, I actually owned a casset of theirs.

I know what Y&T stands for, just wondered if I was a "metal geek".
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