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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Not a big Maddux fan...... Hate both the Cubs and Atlanta. But, I can give props to Maddux for his 300th. He's been one hell of a SP over the course of his career. Especially for a guy without overpowering stuff. His command is outstanding. He's a hell of a fielder for his position as well... Even his bat wasn't terrible.

No one will get 300 for a long time, now that Maddux is there. RJ can't throw 60 more wins, in my opinion. Even at 20 a year that's three years... he'll be, what? 44? I guess that's not unheard of, but winning 20 isn't automatic... and staying with the Diamondbacks isn't a receipe for success.

Pedro? I suppose this is possible within the next decade or so, but I think he's around 190 or so, and he's no spring chicken. Maybe he should take a lesson from Maddux and place his pitches since he's lost his 98mph fastball. (which, by the way, I think he has in fact begun to do)
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This is why I like Maddux...old school:


On Friday, the 41-year-old Maddux and his 26-year-old counterpart played the roles of efficient veteran and young power pitcher. Matsuzaka's stamina proved decisive. With his 126th and final pitch, a 94-mph fastball, he struck out Marcus Giles with two Padres on base to preserve a 2-1 lead.
Maddux was impressed by not only Matsuzaka, but Japan's developmental methods.
?It just goes to show you that maybe the guys here aren't throwing enough pitches,? Maddux said. ?I remember being in Double-A and my coach telling me how to pitch tired. I don't think there's any of that going on now.?
Maddux scoffed at how protective some U.S. clubs are, pulling the plug on minor league pitchers after 80 pitches.
?My kid has a (flipping) pitch count in his league this year. He's 10 years old. You are telling me his arm's tired??
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Greg Maddux says goodbye after 355 victories

by Paul Hoynes/Plain Dealer Reporter Monday December 08, 2008, 4:52 PM

LAS VEGAS --- The first thing Greg Maddux wanted to say today was "thank you" upon officially announcing his retirement after 355 victories, 5008 2/3 innings and 23 seasons.
Maddux, in his hometown, said, "I'm just here to say thank you to everybody _ everybody in baseball from the teams I've played for, the general managers, the hitting coaches, pitching coaches, clubbies and the people you see everyday at the ballpark."
Maddux, 42, retired as the eighth winningest pitcher in history. He won four Cy Young awards and 18 Gold Gloves for his fielding.
He thanked Dick Pole, his first pitching coach, when he joined the Chicago Cubs in 1986.
"He took me to new level," said Maddux.
Maddux spoke of the 11 seasons he played in Atlanta from 1993 through 2003. That included a run of three straight Cy Young seasons from 1993 through 1995. He won his first with the Cubs in 1992.
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