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Greatest 100 College Football Players of All Time!


Semper Fi!
Wow - this was one heck of a list.

I know you could probably argue for years on a list of this type, but that is not why I posted it. If you truly LOVE college football like I do, you will enjoy clickin on a lot of these names and reading up on them. I loved reading about some of the players that were around before I started watching. Of course I clicked on all the OSU guys.... (btw - click on Jim Parker. wow. Way before my time but wow. That heisman voting was insane!!!) I was just coming onto the scene as a viewer right around 80-81 or so, so my first real taste was Art and then some guy named Herschel!! that dude was straight sick!

I would have loved to have seen some of these guys play....Hugh Green...Bednarik...Grange. awesome.

hope you enjoy it like I did.!!!!

Great List....

Impressive list....

#15 Archie Griffin
#26 Jim Parker
#29 Orlando Pace
#48 Chris Speilman
#51 Jack Tatum
#90 Randy Gradisher
#92 John Hicks
#114 Hopalong Cassidy

Pretty good representation for OSU....

Michigan had the following......

#28 Bennie Oosterbaan
#34 Charles Woodson
#56 Anthony Carter
#76 Desmond Howard
#77 Tom Harmon
#83 Dan Diedorf

:osu4: :scum4:
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cincibuckeyenut said:
I would have thought Eddie would have made it onto that list. I think he is one of our 8 best of all time. But, you cannot quibble too much with him not being there.
On the surface I wouldn't have expected him to be on the list, but when I saw names like Charlie Ward and Ron Dayne on there, I kind of felt like Eddie got stiffed.

Great list of Buckeyes on there though.
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Jaxbuck said:
Add Dierdorf to the traitor list, he's from Cleveland.
I believe Dierdorf is from Canton. I remember his comments during his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction period. Apparently the band for the Hall of Fame parade was from his HS. I'm sure he mentioned growing up in Canton.
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