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Be water my friend.
Bucknuts is nothing but bitching about the game yesterday.

Yeah, it wasn't very exciting, but the Bucks are now back on the winning side of games and they are playing the way that they need to play in order to win.

Ted Ginn is special. We have at least the rest of this season and two more to watch him. Just imagine. The O line showed signs of life with their run blocking yesterday against a great defense.

Mo Hall played great, which made me feel good. The D needs to shore some things up but they will get better.

I am very optimistic about the rest of the season.
After some fans were thinking we wouldn't win another game after Iowa, we win two in a row. Go Bucks :osu:
With the winds blowing 30-35 mph, it would have been crazy to throw anymore than was neccesary. Heck, I don't even golf when the wind is blowing that high; it takes the fun out of the game.
Smith played pretty good within the system Tressel allowed. Hopefully, the running game gets in gear. It looked like the running game has some life finally. :)
The special teams are special this year. :tongue2:
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Call my glass half empty, but other than personnel changes, I have seen little reason to overly optimisicc about our last three games. I have been waxing for three years that we were winning in spite of our offense, and Saturday gave me no reason to think otherwise. We won that game because of special teams and a defensive turnover, not our three and out offense. Our offense has been pathetic ever sense JT took the reigns, and he seems too subborn to ever hand them over to someone else. He is our OC - think about it - if he were just our OC, would any other program ever try to hire him away as an OC like they did w Dantonio as a DC? Never in a million years, as he is without question one of the worst, if not the worst, OC in Div Ia. I know of no other OC who has done less with more. Given the athletes he has recruited, there is no reason that our offense should be so consistently poor. Dont give me the BS excuse about "oh - its only because the players arent executing". That is crap - it is the coaches job to get the players to execute, and plays that they can execute. Also, dont cite youth as a reason either - I just saw an offense run by a true freshman at both QB and RB score 17 points in 8 minutes againt MSU. We'd never be able to do that here with JT as OC in a million years.

On defense, Im still seeing ten yard cushions on the corners and very poor tackling - two factors that make me shudder when I think of us trying to stop Hart and Edwards in a few weeks.

Ok - Im done ranting. Its just that as good a HC JT is - his subborness about the offense in the face of just so much evidence is beyond frustrating to me.
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NYB, let's get a little deeper with this one. What did you see that was open but not called?

For sure, I saw the rollouts were available all day, the veer was open...especially with Joe in there, and any type of PA to attack the middle of the field. They kept talking about the wind on the broadcast, but those gusts didn't seem to alter that gun on Smith's shoulder. However, I would have liked to see at least one shot deep just to let PSU know it was there.

Defensively, the first half was encouraging for me personally. I liked Snyder's aggressive calls and the improved play of the DL. We are adequate on the edges but lacking a playmaker and that showed when PSU neutralized the interior stunts and blitzes by attacking the edges. We had to come out of cover 1 to get better support from the corners in order to compensate for that weakness. Overall though, it was an improved effort...still a long way to go, but the unit is coming along.
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Brutus - if your reading comprehension were just slightly above the 3rd grade level, you would have ascertained that the three and out was referring to our offense under Tressel, not just yesterday. Also, please cite how you conclude that I am "giving up on our team". Stupidity makes me laugh sometimes. This morning I can use a good laugh.

Since you are so intellectually challenged, I will try to spell it out for you using words with as few syllables as possible.

Pass/run after Jimmy got here - no good. Pass/run a day ago - no good. 100+ bad offense of everybody. (Thats bad). 178 yards of pass/run. (Thats bad too). 7 points from pass/run (thats bad too!).

The bottom line is JTs offenses have been piss poor since he has been here, and have gotten worse each year, not better, even given your oh so compelling third down conversion rate stat. Given the evidence from the last four years, if you dont think there are any problems with this offense, you must really be one of the dumbest fuckers I have ever come across, which is really saying something.
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NewYorkBuck said:
Granted - we have played better the last two games, however, if you think 178 yards and 7 points in one game is "momentum"....
I would call it momentum, because despite our shitty ass passing stats, we ran when we wanted to against a good run defense for a change in the last 2 years.

That can only help open up other avenues down the road.
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