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Great News Browns Fans

Geathers was misused in IMO at the university, he came in as a wide out, moved to tail back when we had some injuries in that spot, then moved to wide out again, when we had injuries at the WR posistion. I don't have time to link in this POS computer but look at Mcgahee's stats incomparison to Geathers, if you gave him the amount of touches Mcgahee had, he might have put up big numbers too. Geathers had some pretty big runs in the 2002 as well.
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Geathers is a very good athlete. At the very least he can be used for kick returns. Like wolf said. He had been misused by Miami.

Not every Miami player is a pile. I still remember everyone crying that Butch better not take Clinton Portis a year after drafting James Jackson. Good thing he didn't. That Portis guy sucks.:roll2:
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