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Great memories from OSU-Miami


This is a great read when you're bored on call in the hospital


this part is interesting:
"Dorsey hums a pass, Johnson can’t make the play, and Doss makes the interception to potentially turn this game around. … Give Doss credit. Most safeties would’ve gone for the kill shot and would’ve been out of position to make that pick. Great play."

Actually if you look at the tape, Doss slips on the play, allowing him to be in perfect position to catch the partially deflected pass. I guess Ohio State was due to be the beneficiary of a "slip" one of these years.
tibor75 said:
This is a great read when you're bored on call in the hospital


That was odd. Dorsey had time, wasn’t really pressured at all, and he threw a horrible interception:(

Ohio State has to get to Dorsey. He’s getting in that zone that he gets into in tight games. … The Miami offensive line is starting to get the better of the OSU D line. The Buckeyes need to get off the field now cause McGahee is looking incredible. … The Buckeye D line is tired and isn’t getting to Dorsey. Dorsey is picking OSU apart. … If Tim Brant and Ed Cunningham were calling this game, they’d make some sort of horrible Will Smith reference to the movie star. … OSU forced a third and long, and Winslow made yet another great play. … I really, really, really have to go to the bathroom, but this is way too exciting to miss. I’m just not that fast. … Oooooh. Doss almost had a pick six. … Sensational play by Will Allen to take down McGahee. … ABC, YOU ARE A BUNCH OF (bleeping) (bleep)HOLES. Don’t show an unpaid kid taking a shot like that in slow motion. McGahee probably just blew out his knee on that hit, and ABC showed his leg going grossly the wrong way without so much as a warning. :(

Dorsey threw one of the best passes I’ve ever seen him throw. He had six seconds to throw and threw an absolute laser to Roscoe Parrish. Parrish got hit and fumbled, :( (this was roscoe not taking care of the ball)
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