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Grades problem rumors ??

Before anyone goes nuts over this, remember, these kids just finished what is very likely the toughest quarter of their college career, due to the adjustment between HS and college, the change in study habits, blah, blah. They did it while playing major college football and having far less free time than most college kids to study.

I remember my freshman year I had a 2.4 or a 2.6 GPA. Considering the fact I was 16th in GPA out of 600+ in my high school and ended up with an overall GPA at OSU of 3.4 or something like that, 2.4 was a huge drop. I would fully expect some kids to have some problems with their grades that first quarter or two, especially if they weren't working with as much built in padding as I was (ie just barely qualified or was more middle of the road in school).

The one I still to this day find appalling is Reggie Germany's 0.00 his senior year. But if a couple of freshman have grade problems this quarter, I would not be at all surprised or alarmed. In fact, I would be more surprised if at least some didn't.
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I'm more concerned about a) whether prime frosh are having trouble with school at all, and perhaps more importantly, b) are any in danger of missing spring practice?
Presumably those who may have had Fall quarter troubles can rectify same during Winter quarter, assuming that Winter quarter ends before SP starts.
The issue is, are they key players? Perhaps we will never know until they disappear, God forbid.
Go Bucks!
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