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Got this email today


He's back and better than ever!
Apr 28, 2004
We must be having trouble moving our purdue tickets, which is kind of a surprise. I wish I was off work next saturday because I would have to think about going as I had a great time last time We went out there.

The Official Site for Ohio State Atheltic Tickets and Merchandise


On November 13th, the Buckeyes will travel to West Lafayette, IN and face the Boilermakers of Purdue. If you are interested in cheering on the Buckeyes at Ross-Ade Stadium, tickets are available at The Jerome Schottenstein Center for $42 a piece. The Ticket Office is located in the southeast rotunda and there is no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased. So get your tickets now before they run out!

Copyright © 2004, The Ohio State University. The team
names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks
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Athletic Ticket Office - Jerome Schottenstein Center
555 Donald A. Borror Drive Columbus, Ohio 43210.
(614) 292-2624


Buckeye Beach Bum
Jun 8, 2003
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OsUPhAn said:
Can anybody tell me how to get tickets, I cant make it to the Schott untill wensday, and im worried they will be sold out by then. Can i order over the phone? The official website says they dont have any tickets available. please help...

Thanks all
If you haven't ordered tickets before.
I think you have to order over the phone if it's the first time you have ordered tickets. After that you can order over thewebsite.
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Head Coach
Jun 29, 2004
LOL DiHard...

I got the same email. I ordered Indiana and Penn State online (and drove all night to run in just as the Buckeyes took the field), but I don't see any option for this one. I'll be calling first thing in the morning.

After Penn State, I stopped at the Purdue exit to sleep on the way back to WI. I expected to catch a little smack talk over my OSU garb, but after their loss, it was quite a peaceful evening. Travel advice: the Lafayette Inn was cheap (I think $45?) but clean.
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