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Google Gophers Outlast Buckeyes in Overtime 5-4 - WJON News

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Buckeyes - Google News

Gophers Outlast Buckeyes in Overtime 5-4 - WJON News
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Gophers Outlast Buckeyes in Overtime 5-4
Minnesota outshot the Buckeyes 45-31 in the contest for a new season high and the second time in three games that the team put more than 40 shots on goal. Eric Schierhorn made 27 saves in the contest to pick up the win. The Gophers improve to 5-13-0 ...
At last, Gophers men's hockey earn regulation win over Ohio State BuckeyesFOXSports.com
Close Contests Expected for Buckeye Hockey against Minnesota, BemidjiEleven Warriors
'Close isn't good' enough for Ohio State men's hockey in series vs. MinnesotaOSU - The Lantern
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