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golfing in biloxi, ms

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by AMISH-SLAYER, Feb 11, 2005.


    AMISH-SLAYER Cobra Kai Sensei

    I'm going on a golf trip coming up here in may. We usually go to myrtle, but we wanted to try somewhere new this year. Has anyone been golfing down there before? besides the casino is there anything that realy is a must see, must do?
  2. NorthShoreBuck

    NorthShoreBuck True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

    I'm not too far away but I do not golf.

    They have tried to crank up the economy with golf and better resturaunts.
    You could spend a week there viewing the shows.

    New Orleans is a couple of hour drive if you wanted to do that. Just don't plan on driving back!

    The florida beaches are a couple of hours the other way so you have that option. Deep sea fishing if you are interested.

    One of our sales guys actually flew into the Biloxi airport rather than New Orleans on a trip down here. It was much cheaper.

    It just depends on what you are interested in and how much you want to drive.
  3. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    You could go fishin' with Donny...
  4. gbearbuck

    gbearbuck Herbie for President

    donny is going to applachea (sp???) country this year... :wink2:
  5. coastalbuck

    coastalbuck And this one belongs to the Reds!

    Come back to MB!
  6. Trslfan

    Trslfan Newbie

    Can you guys help me out on some courses in Myrtle. This will be my first golf trip so I want to make it a nice one. I went to the golf show at Vets 2 weeks ago and the prices I saw for 3 night 3 rounds of golf look ridiuclously low. The avg price for 3 nights 3 rounds is like 250$ 320$ each with 2 people total

    Are these decent courses for the money? I am used to paying 30 to 40 a round here in Columbus so I am figuring the rooms would have to be like a motel 6 to be that cheap .
  7. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Fuck Biloxi. It's nothing but a bunch of military-hatin' in-bred red neck fucks.
  8. coastalbuck

    coastalbuck And this one belongs to the Reds!

    TRSL, prices are pretty low around here. A hell of a lotta competition. Let me know what courses your booking and I can give you a :biggrin: :! or :( . I used to be a golf course super down here.
  9. Trslfan

    Trslfan Newbie

    I will definitely let you know !!! I have myrtles guide and their must be 70 to 80 courses listed in the book. Do you have any suggestions on where to go? I would liike to stay around 400 500 for 3 nights 3 or 4 rounds.
  10. DeNiro

    DeNiro Certified Cat Milker

    Eat at the Beau Rivage casino buffet. It's pretty good and not very expensive.

    AMISH-SLAYER Cobra Kai Sensei

    Thanks for the feedback so far. as far as myrtle the courses I liked were world tour, barefoot, and longbay. I believe that longbay is actually in wilmington though. If you haven't got your plane ticket yet fly hooters air. its only 200 dollars round trip and it leaves out of richenbacher airport, and doesn't have all the hassle of a bigger airport
  12. coastalbuck

    coastalbuck And this one belongs to the Reds!

    World Tour is nice but pricy. It has replica holes of great courses around the world. Long Bay is in North Myrtle Beach and is pretty nice too. Barefoot Resort has 4 courses, Greg Norman, Davis Love, Tom Fazio, and Pete Dye. There is a TPC here too, and some excellent semi-private to private courses, The Dunes Club, The Surf Club, Wachesaw Plantation, Tidewater, and DeBordieu plantation come to mind.(say "Debbie do" if you want to sound local)
  13. Trslfan

    Trslfan Newbie

    I am gonna be driving down from Columbus ,it should be a fun drive. I will check all those courses and find out which one has the best deal on 3 nights 3 rounds. Thanks guys!!!
  14. kn1f3party

    kn1f3party Junior

    I spent some time in Biloxi--there isn't a lot to do other than what you mentioned. Don't get tricked in to going to Ship Island. It definitely isn't worth the price.

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