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Going to PSU game - Rendezvous with Rashmish

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Hating the environment since 1994
  • I'll be there.

    I would seriously like to meet you Tibor. I'm sure we could talk Buckeyes and anti-Cleveland smack all day.

    P.S. Will you be going to the VC after serving Slurpees at the 7-11 down the street?
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    The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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    All they have to do is look for a pink tent with a goat tied to a stake, a slurpee machine inside, and the smell of chili dogs. Maybe I should edit the title of this thread to read "Rendezvous with Rashmish"...
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    It would be easy for everyone to find the meeting place for the 'Rashmish Rendezvous'. Everyone knows where that 7-11 is located. Maybe we can all dress up as Tibs for the Halloween bash. Sheets , turbans and Slurpees (or Big Gulps).
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    Herbie for President
    now I'm ticked I sold my ticks for the game... I'd like to meet Tib's as well...

    For the record the ticket broker was in a tough situation and way over paid for the tics.... and my brother in-law plays in town this weekend and my wife wanted me to see him play... please the wife, get a nice wad of cash, and go out for both mom and dad in-law's b-day dinner...
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