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coastalbuck said:
My first Christmas present, a home playoff game and division championship. :biggrin:

Lambeau will be rockin'! How sweet was it that it came against the Viqueens. I'd love to be back up there for a game at this time in December.... even if it's 5 degrees. I went to a playoff game in Lambeau several years ago against the 49ers and the place was nuts.... one of the best times I've ever had at a football game. The defense needs to step up... this team will be dangerous in the playoffs (he says with his green and gold glasses on)!

Go Pack Go!
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Damn you packers!!

I've been a big vikings fan for years, damn turds can't win when it counts.

Though I have been slowly becoming more of a Jags fan now that Jack Del Rio is the coach. He was my favorite player when he played Middle Line Backer for the Vikes.

Those were the days, Chris Doleman, Al Noga, Keith Millard, Joey Browner, etc
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