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free email offered by Google. it has 1G storage and the only was to get an account right now is by being invited. It's still in the testing/Beta mode so it's not open to everyone yet. After Gmail came out hotmail upped it's storage to 250mb.

I also have 50 invites to give out....
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Basically the big specials are storage space and the ability to use google's search to find stuff in your messages. For more info check out http://gmail.google.com/gmail/help/about.html . Newly added is POP access. This means you can access your Gmail through Outlook express, therefore saving the messages to your local computer. The big deal is that there is no other big name email provider who provides 1Gb of space and POP access for free. By the way, it's very nice. It is a pain to switch addresses if you have people you email on a non-regular basis, but I think it is worth it.
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it might take a few days to get them. i have a program that uses my gmail account as a storage drive on my system. just install a little program and instantly you have a 1gb virtual drive on your computer, but you can access it anywhere by logging into Gmail
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