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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
A friend of mine sent me several pictures and a link to a website that specialized in pics and videos of girls getting wet with clothes on. Swimming in a pool/lake/river, or taking a shower fully clothed. Apparently, this is a fairly popular thing- considered a "fetish", I guess. I must admit, the chicks are hot, and when things get wet and clingy they look pretty good.

Anybody heard of this?

(I'm at work so I can't post anything to look at right now...)
This is about all I can find as an example without getting in trouble with the computer police. As you might imagine, they get better on the "banned at work" sites...


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Is there a link to this? I want more, or else....or else.....ok, there really isn't anything I can threaten you with here.....or else I'll sick AKAK on you. Dude, you do not want the world's first flying ace coming after you.
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