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Get this on the Bulletin Board!!

This is the same rat bastard that was all bent out of shape about us playing in the NC two years ago. He made the comment that the "Bucks are currently scheduled to lose to Miami by seven touchdowns in the Fiesta Bowl."

He was praying we'd lose to scUM to protect the Big Ten from utter embarassment.

He's a homer tool. Fuck him.
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This guy always writes articles against the Buckeyes. He does it for fun. He hates the Buckeyes. He did it last year for scUM game, and he did it for two years ago scUM game and he did it for NC game. I'm sure he will do it for scUM this year too.

He calls it a bye week, and then has the score being 20-16 MSU. I can respect the opinion of MSU winning by 4...but if you are going to say that it's a bye week...then stick with your dumb ass and pick 45-3 or something. What a pussy!
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actually that guy if friggin great...i wish he wrote for the columbus disgrace...

the article before the scum game two years ago was classic....typical bnutters had their panties wedged over it until myself and a couple of others told them to re-read the article....once you understand his tongue-in-cheek humor he was actually ripping scum and complimenting tosu....

i sent him a nice email after that and he sent a long email back thanking me and saying how good he thought the 02 bucks were....
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The guy has his opinions, lets just hope we go there and play up to our potential and not lay an egg like in Iowa, somehow I am confident Troy Smith will make some plays, I am not nervous at all about this game like I was against Iowa....we might suprise a few people this week and get some respect back.

G:osu:o Bucks!
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Bye week

Actually, folks, lets' hope he's right and that it is an unexpected bye week for MSU. Bye-bye bowl eligibility. Bye-bye fantasy of beating OSU and UM in that eight day window. Bye-bye season.

Yep, that's what I'm hoping for, an unexpected bye week!
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