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BTN Get ready for the Big Ten Football season, A-Z

  • Thread starter Sean Merriman, BTN.com
  • Start date
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Sean Merriman, BTN.com

Get ready for the Big Ten Football season, A-Z
Sean Merriman, BTN.com web editor via Big Ten Network

The 2016 Big Ten football season is set to kick off on Thursday with Indiana at Florida International and Oregon State at Minnesota (9 p.m. ET on BTN). Michigan State will take on Furman on Friday night at 7 p.m. ET on BTN. All other 11 Big Ten teams will open their season on Saturday. In order to get you ready for kickoff, I put together a fun list, highlighting everything you need to know heading into this year’s Big Ten season. Here’s an A-Z look at the 2016 Big Ten Football season. A Is for Ash. As in Chris

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