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Germaine back in the NFL: Chargers


I guess since so many of you think that Germaine is better than Doss...

SAN DIEGO - [size=-1]Running low on quarterbacks, the San Diego Chargers (news) have signed journeyman Joe Germaine. Germaine played in the Arena Football League last season and hasn't played in an NFL game since 1999. [/size]

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Starter Drew Brees is healthy but backup Doug Flutie will be sidelined for two weeks after having arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

Cleo Lemon, a member of the practice squad last year, is San Diego's other quarterback. Rookie Philip Rivers is still unsigned.

Germaine was drafted by St. Louis in 1999 and has bounced from the Kansas City Chiefs (news) to Cincinnati Bengals (news) to, most recently, the Arizona Rattlers of the AFL. He arrived in Chargers camp on Thursday.

To make room for Germaine on the roster, the Chargers released running back Jeff Chaney.

I don't know where the Germaine/Doss thing above comes from, but I do think this is Joe's last time to be anything but a practice squad player. If he gets to pre-season (a big key as pointed out above), he might be able to stick as the third on the team, especially if Flutie is really hurt badly and can't play all year. If not, I just don't see anyone else picking him up after the first couple of preseason games, because I don't think they'll have enough time to evaluate him. Still, I wish him the best of luck.
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