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Gary Barnett to be reinstated at Colorado


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Gary Barnett to be reinstated at Colorado.

I'm curious to know what everyone thinks about this?

As for me: On one hand he shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of his players when he wasn't around. On the other hand, recruiting visits should be pretty closely monitored I would think. If he wanted to he could have known what was going on and he chose not to know. Also, he said some pretty stupid things after the investigations were started.

I can see firing him and I can see keeping him, but I think keeping him hurts their program as they won't be able to put this behind them any time soon. Also, they will sit around the dorm playing Pictionary on their recruiting visits which can't help... unless you want linemen that can draw "emotional" in less than a minute.
I haven't sensed much hatred or blame directed towards Gary in the local press. I personally think he's done a fine job maintaining the status-quo of mediocrity at a school with an over-blown self image as a football powerhouse with loads of tradition. CU fans are a pretty pathetic lot, talk about fair weather fans...I don't think they even sell out Folsom Field regularly.

Anyhow, I heard an interesting thing on the evening news last week regarding the investigative panel's meeting with the CU board of trustees. They had some quotes of some of the panel members after the meeting who described it as kind of a pep-rally for the administration. It sounded as though the board of trustees was happy that the investigative panel had 'gone through the motions' but wasn't really interested in dealing out any punishments.

So, good for Gary. The longer he leads the Buffs to three-loss seasons, the better. :tongue2:

Oh, and for the record, I'm not in Buffalo Country - I'm in Ram Country! :wink2: Sonny Lubick, the CSU coach, is so revered in this town they've already renamed the football field after him! Talk about job security...
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Barnett's job

It won't matter that he was reinstated as he will likely be fired at the end of the year after the Buffaloes crash and burn again. The Cougs face CU on September 11th and hopefully they can help him to get one step closer to a career somewhere else.
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