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Goal Goal USA!
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Former FF The Deuce Champ



:slappy: Geiger forces them to go to Utah instead of The Game. Fuckin classic :lol:
they are sending gameday to a top 6 program that has been unable to sell out its home games this year??? despite their success??? omg.....

why didnt they do fla-fla st. instead???
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Those BYU fans will get crazy for this :slappy: (for those that don't know it is illegal to have kegs of beer in that state... unless you have a liquor license).

A keg party is a big deal there... they actually drive to Colorado, buy the kegs, then sneek them into Utah... and while the party is going on you can still get busted for having an illegal Keg of beer... talk about stupid laws.

If mem. serves correctly I think most all beer is 3.2 as well... I could be wrong on the 3.2 thing though...
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