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Game Thread Game Seven: #1 Ohio State 38, Michigan State 7 (10/14/06)

VprHis;634683; said:
Just a plain ol' ballcap? Not one of the plush, helmetlike things? I'll take another look... I might be having a stupid day. Greenies to all for the help :)
It's kind of like an earwamer/skullcap type thing.

It's great....I wear it to OSU Hockey games and Blue Jacket games sometimes....
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Was this the hat?


Buckeye Corner
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CleveBucks;634664; said:
This might have been covered, but... can anyone tell me why the play was blown dead on the punt-catch interference play? iirc, the MSU player ran into Gonzo leading to a flag, but the ball was still live. Gonzo picked it up and was ready to reverse field and take it all the way. MSU never controlled the ball and I never saw the ball being downed.

I don't think the announcers ever really explained it, but I think it was blown dead because Gonzo was trying to fair catch it.
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CleveBucks;634664; said:
This might have been covered, but... can anyone tell me why the play was blown dead on the punt-catch interference play? iirc, the MSU player ran into Gonzo leading to a flag, but the ball was still live. Gonzo picked it up and was ready to reverse field and take it all the way. MSU never controlled the ball and I never saw the ball being downed.

BuckBackHome;634695; said:
I don't think the announcers ever really explained it, but I think it was blown dead because Gonzo was trying to fair catch it.

Exactly. Gonzo clearly called for a fair catch. Play is over when he's interfered with. Whistle was late.
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Sadly, MSU's Smith kept himself in check

By Kyle Nagel
Staff Writer

Monday, October 16, 2006
The only bad part about Ohio State's 38-7 blitzing of Michigan State on Saturday was the absence of an outburst from MSU coach John L. Smith.
I mean, this is a guy known for historic meltdowns (sound like any team in green we know?), but he was calm and collected while his Spartans ? not to mention his quarterback ? got their brains beat in as Paul Maguire, Bob Griese and Brad Nessler practically laughed them out of the stadium.
? Justin Zwick? He completed one pass for five yards when he needed seven for a first down ... so telling.
? If Troy Smith does something to lose the Heisman (15-of-22 passing for 234 yards and two touchdowns Saturday) at this point, he shouldn't even be allowed to play football anymore.
? So, the No. 1 Buckeyes are 7-0 and the only team in the country that has shown it is worth its ranking. Texas? Nope. Auburn? Please. Florida? Nice punt, and yes, that was a fumble. I'm telling you, Michigan is the only team that really wants to be No. 2.
? Who knew Western Michigan had the only antidote for Garrett Wolfe? The Northern Illinois senior had 25 yards on 18 carries. Unfortunately, he didn't have a chance at the Heisman anyway. Not from that school.
? Don't even get me started on the Missouri freakin' Tigers. I'm hiding my diploma.
? By the way, good for Terry Hoeppner.
? This would've been more comprehensive, but I spent the entire night Saturday trying to watch Ohio-Illinois on ESPN360, whatever the blazes that is.
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OSU taking out some road rage
Away from home, Buckeyes becoming kings of the road

No longer do you have to avert your eyes. No longer do you have to cringe and worry about an Ohio State road trip turning into another Clark Griswold family vacation. The Buckeyes are traveling in style. Not so long ago they left road games looking like they should pile into a muffler-dragging, wood-paneled station wagon. Now, they deserve stretch limos, complete with minibars (for the coaches) on their rides to and from the airport.
Saturday's 38-7 thumping of Michigan State was Ohio State's 14th consecutive victory. Six of them have come on the road -- seven if you include last season's victory against Notre Dame at the Fiesta Bowl. "Just look at what happened to Iowa at Indiana," coach Jim Tressel said of the Hawkeyes' misadventure Saturday in Bloomington. "It's tough to win on the road in the Big Ten. This is what our team needed for sure -- a good, decisive win."

This may depress those who spend $70 (or more) per seat to be part of the game day religious experience in Columbus, but the Buckeyes' most impressive outings during their winning streak actually have come outside of the Horseshoe:
25-21 at No. 17 Michigan on Nov. 17 for a share of the Big Ten title
34-20 over No. 6 Notre Dame on Jan. 2 in the Fiesta Bowl
24-7 at No. 2 Texas on Sept. 9
38-17 at No. 13 Iowa on Sept. 30
Their latest act of road rage wasn't quite on par with those wins thanks to the Spartans being a neurotic and physical mess. Still, it's worth savoring. Michigan State had won nine of its 12 previous games against Top 10 opponents and thought it might have a psychological edge because of two wins (1974 and 1998) against two other No. 1 Ohio State teams.
But these aren't the same road patsies Tressel put on the field in the past.
Factor in the collective 86 points scored at Indiana and Minnesota on back-to-back weekends last year, and it's safe to say Ohio State has put its last loss -- an asleep-at-the-wheel 17-10 crash at Penn State -- in its rearview mirror.
"I don't know what it is about road games, but I love playing on the road," said Anthony Gonzalez after catching seven passes for 118 yards and a touchdown against the Spartans. "Not that I don't love playing at home. I just think the hostile environment, that kind of thing, heightens awareness."
Or maybe it was the Buckeyes getting tired of needing a tow truck to get home.
For all they have accomplished under Tressel -- the 2002 national championship, the four victories against Michigan, the three BCS bowl victories -- the Buckeyes were a pedestrian 11-8 in opponents' stadiums before their current winning streak.
During one stretch of potholes, beginning with a 2003 loss at No. 5 Michigan and ending with that flat tire last year in Happy Valley, the Buckeyes were 2-5 on the road, including losses to three non-ranked teams.
Then, something happened.
Maybe it's as simple as that fourth-quarterback comeback at Michigan last year giving quarterback Troy Smith confidence after he had lost two of his first three starts on the road. Maybe it's something as complex as each player dealing with adversity and outside influences in a single-minded manner.
Maybe it just boils down to a little luck and a lot of skill.
"We've learned that concentration and focus on the road is very important," center Doug Datish said. "We learned that playing within yourself and not getting caught up in the environment is important, too. "The secret is not letting (the crowd) affect you. I don't think there's any one method. I try to think of what I have to do on each play and block out the noise." The nice thing is the Buckeyes won't face another big road test until, steady yourself, Jan. 8 in Glendale, Ariz.. Then again, the Valley of the Sun has become their home away from home.
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Big plays don't go according to plan
By Jon Spencer
Telegraph-Forum staff

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Sometimes it's better when things don't go according to script. Take Ted Ginn Jr.'s touchdown on a 60-yard punt return in Ohio State's 38-7 rout of Michigan State on Saturday. The return was set up to go right. Instead, Ginn veered left and made it to the end zone untouched to give the Buckeyes a 17-0, second-quarter lead.
That shows the design was extraordinary," coach Jim Tressel deadpanned. The script sort of went out the window minutes later, after an interception by Marcus Freeman in Spartan territory. After calling timeout with 47 seconds left, Troy Smith threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Anthony Gonzalez to pretty much put the game out of reach.

Turns out Gonzo called his own number on the sidelines.
"I've never been up for a Rhodes scholarship," Tressel said of Gonzalez' academic achievements, "so I figured we'd go with his choice."
Smith didn't have a problem with it either.
"That's why they call him 'The Wizard,' " Smith said of Gon- zalez. "He sees things and does things that mesmerize you."
Gonzo may have to go some to top Ginn, however. Ginn's first special teams score of the year was the sixth punt return TD of his career, setting a Big Ten record. He's two shy of the NCAA career mark, shared by Wes Welker of Texas Tech (2000-03) and Antonio Perkins of Oklahoma (2001-04).
"There are not too many kicks straight at him where he can get some blocks," Tressel said. "When he gets some space, he's as good as it gets."
Ginn seemed blas? about a shot at the NCAA record book.
"I don't set my season around it," he said. "I just come out and play hard and play for my seniors ... for David Patterson. For a captain to sit out this game with a knee injury, he was looking forward to this."
Ginn had a chance to make another second quarter highlight but he threw wide of Rory Nicol on an option pass.
"We like to get Ted out in the open, but that's not where he was supposed to throw it," Tressel said. "He was looking for Gonzo, but he wasn't open, so he started running around."
Another sign that Tressel has shed his stuffy image came in the third quarter when Gonzalez gained 29 yards and Ginn 16 on back-to-back reverses. That led to Smith's 7-yard touchdown pass to Brian Robiskie.
Asked if he had ever called reverses on consecutive plays, Tressel said, "Probably never. They were playing heavy in the box and making it difficult to run the football.
"We work on five to 10 special plays every week. Sometimes the opportunity is there, sometimes not. We just thought those were opportunities." [email protected] 419-521-7239
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can anyone explain to me why Gonzo was called for being an ineligible man downfield?

from what i could see, there were 8 men on the LOS, so shouldn't it have been an illegal formation penalty?
I didn't think he was called for anything. The annoucers thought with a play that took that long to develope, there should be an illegal man downfield, but there wasn't.
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