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Pig on a wing
I am thinking about getting game plan through the Internet, because I have to buy digital cable to get it through the cable company. If anyone knows anything about the Internet game plan, like quality of the picture, how much it jumps or anything else useful please let me know, thanks.
I bought the package for this weekend ~$20, because I'm stuck at work during the game (because my manager is an idiot). So I'm planning to try to watch the game from my computer at work. Last night after buying it I checked out the OSU/NC State archived game. Quality is alright, not great, when the screen is small images are sharp, otherwise at full screen it's a little bit blurry. Didn't notice any skips while watching it on DSL. The cool thing about the feature is they archive the major games of each weekend, so you can go back and watch past games, though they didn't have the Marshall or NW games archived...
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