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ESPN and all their stupid polls and Top Lists is really becoming annoying.
Really, what the hell kind of results did they expect. I'm not saying that as a Buckeye fan, but as a college football fan.

Maybe they should have a legitimate poll and ask:

Which ESPN personality would you like to "Drive a loved on home" with ?

a) Suzy Kolber
b) Pam Ward
c) Linda Cohn
d) Dana Jacobson (scUM grad-she's out)
e) Dan Patrick (in case Louis or Tibor choose to vote)
f) other
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Right on Brutus1.

I got another quick poll which would have an equally predictable answer...

LouiseHMartinez will get laid...

A. Very soon
B. When he can raise the money to go to Vegas
C. After he gets his dog drunk on Tequila
D. Never
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LouisHMartinez said:
Been awhile since Wisconsin and Minnesota were such powers.
About 123 people (of the 13,721 that have voted) agree with you.

BTW.. What's up with this:
September 18 -- Ohio State at NC State
The Buckeyes had to endure three overtimes to put away the Wolfpack last season. This year will be even more of a challenge as Ohio State is without QB Craig Krenzel who was 24-3 as a starter, and Michael Jenkins, the school's all-time leader in receiving yardage.
Do they really think losing CK will hurt us more than losing Rivers hurts NC State? I just found the wording of that little blurb strange.
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