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Game Thread Game Nine: #1 tOSU 44, Minnesota 0 (10/28/06)

Just wanted to throw my $.02 in here about the Minnesota game..

For the first time in 15 years I watched the Bucks play in Ohio Stadium... I rec'd 2 tix from a co-worker who holds season tix. I took one of my clients who is a huge OSU fan. Just to see him in seventh-heaven was worth it.

Our seats were unreal...6 rows from the field (AA level), approx. 35 yd line. Felt like I was on the damned field! Anyway, I was wholeheartedly impressed with the entire gameday atmosphere in Columbus. It was truly a treat to watch that team play (and the band is pretty damned good too).

Its important to know that I'm first and foremost a Miami University fan as that is my alma mater.. They will never be replaced at the top. I do think I've found a suitable team for #2 on my list! :wink2:

From the parking facilities to the fans, everything was top notch. It didn't take an hour to get through stadium security (5 mins tops)...the stadium was in great shape (huge improvements over 1991 when last I was there)...I could go on and on.

I, for one, will definitely come back. It was a great experience!

Best of luck the rest of the way, Bucknuts!

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Hey , Thanks Miami. We are glad you and the friend enjoyed it. We all think the "event " that a Buckeye game is just can't be beat. Come back anytime and remember that I have saturdays off too.:)
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The players of the week for the Minnesota game were as follows:

Defensive Player of the Week - Antonio Smith
Offensive Player of the Week - Antonio Pittman
Attack Force Player of the Week - Marcus Freeman
Special Teams Player of the Week - Drew Norman
Offensive Lineman of the Week. - T. J. Downing

Scout Team Offensive Player of the Week - Ryan Franzinger
Scout Team Defensive Player of the Week - Walter Dublin
Scout Team Special Teams Player of the Week - Will Crall
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