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Game Thread Game Eleven: #1 tOSU 54, Northwestern 10 (11/11/06)

Discussion in '2006 Football Season Capsule' started by 3yardsandacloud, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting. Staff Member

    Ok what I liked.
    wall to wall offense - no let up
    the play of Smith, Pittman, C. Wells, Mo Wells, The O line, Hartman, Mitchell (great pick) Freeman, Richardson, Homan, JT. And the way NU played hard, especially the O in the first half. They stopped themselves.
    What I didn't like.
    Fumbles, Int. 10 points, the way the talking heads started talking up the Meeech game and BQ for Heisman even b4 the game was over.
    :osu: :osu: :osu:
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2006
  2. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


  3. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


  4. DocJohn

    DocJohn DocJohn, Class of '80


    In a game earlier this year --I forget which --I think it was Paul McGuire who
    commented on the futility of trying to defend against all the weapons the
    Buckeyes can throw at you.

    Has anybody noticed that the eight touchdowns were scored by SEVEN
    different Buckeyes in this game? :biggrin: {Not to mention, an EIGHTH Buckeye
    had his TD cancelled by a holding penalty}

    Bottom line....not even the "best defense in scUM history" can defend against
    this offense when its clicking on all cylinders.

    I never try to predict the score of The Game, but I really think scUM is going
    to need at least a touchdown more than their average {against the best
    scoring defense in the nation, BTW} to stay in this Game.

    The beginning of this video is the McGuire comment I refer to above. It was
    vs Sparty on our first TD....1st and goal at the 3...
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2006
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  5. craigblitz

    craigblitz Juice, Full of Juice!!

    Here are some observations I had from the game:

    The Stadium/Atmosphere - I thought it looked and felt like a HS stadium a little bit. It was really packed where were I was by the endzone where the OSU players locker room enterance was, but we all managed to pack in there halfway through the first quarter so we all could see. I do not mind people standing, but standing on the bleacher makes it impossible for people behind you to see and cause everyone else to it. The wildcat roar on every positive play way so annoying. The announcer was as well, but he tried to get the crowd into it and I am sure that is not the easiest job. All in all Evanston is what I pictured it to be. Really glad I decided to stick around this weekend to check it yet.

    The Positives

    - Played with emotion all 4 quarters.
    - Our D loves to hit. The all get around the ball in a hurry and hit.
    - Jay Richardson could not be blocked yesterday.
    - Pitcock couldn't legaly be blocked. The number of blatent holds on him were crazy. I played close attention to our line play yesterday.
    - Ross Homan - He is so physical... Stating the obvious here, minus any injuries or unforseen issues..Super Star
    - Donald Washington is getting better and better every week.
    - I love how this D creates turnovers. We might give up some more yards the scUM on paper, but I will take the TO margin victory anyday of the week
    - The amount of red at the stadium was unreal. I would say we had 40-50% of the fans there. It was great to see

    The not so positive

    - The missed XP. It literally made me feel sick after the 2 botched tries. We can not, can not, can not have that next week
    - The fumbles. Granted Pittmans came on a great 2nd 3rd effort play, but stating the obvious again, we have to hold onto the ball next week
    - Jim Cordle got some tries at tackle and didn't look to great there, but good to see him get some action.
    - Kirk Barton was limping off the field after the game yesterday. I hope he is ok next week
    - I am not sure why but we do not play the screen well at all. Michigan loves this play and I think it is going to work very well agaisnt us.
    - The Randy Walker dediction. It was nice to dedicate that hall to him, but the ceremony was rushed, etc. Maybe I am being too harsh and I am sure they have honored him before, but this could have been better in my opinion
    - I know this is a biased observation, but the refs have to call holding sometime. Pitcock and Patterson were at times raped in front of the ref and nothing. On one play when Pitcock was double teamed he was tackled by the guard and Center. He gets up ater the play looks at the ref and shook his head is disbelief.
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  6. VprHis

    VprHis Get off my lawn, you hooligans!

    ( Engage Sarcasm Font ) It's obvious that you know nothing about football. Those calls all even out in the end, you moran!! :roll2:

    ( End Sarcasm )
  7. OSUBuckeye4Life

    OSUBuckeye4Life "THE" Ohio State Buckeyes

    LOL @ "moran."
  8. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    I think it's safe to say the stadium was 60% Buckeye fans yesterday.
  9. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

  10. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    The Buckeye Watch
    By Tony Gerdeman
    Quite a contrast from the Illinois game to the Northwestern game, wouldn't you say?
    So when it was 21-0 in the first quarter, how many times did you tell Coach Tressel to keep pouring it on?
    I told him 22 times. I counted.
    I don't know if that had any influence on the outcome. That's probably a debate for another time. For now, we'll just agree that I probably had something to do with the demolition.
    It was pretty interesting watching both this game and the Michigan game side by side. It was as if each team had monitors on the sideline and they were trying to keep pace with each other.
    But of course, as expected, Michigan just couldn't keep up.
    The Buckeye offense was as efficient as ever. Troy Smith threw four touchdowns, which greatly helps his "H-word" hopes. Antonio Pittman was solid, but more importantly, Chris Wells was superb. And when Maurice Wells got outside of the tackles, he showed up as well.
    And, of course, the defense played well again. The spread gave them some problems in the first half, as it has since it was invented. Then the coaches got to halftime, did their coaching, got their adjustments in, and then it was business as usual.
    And now, well, now the real season begins.
    So let's stop wasting precious minutes of Michigan Week and get to The Watch for crying out loud...
    3:00 I'll admit it, I'm a little worried about the weather's effect. Especially combined with the travel difficulties Friday night.
    3:31 Well, it looks pretty sunny there right now. I'm starting to feel a bit better. Now show me some flags so that I can check that wind.
    3:36 Northwestern has come out in black pants. The dreaded plea for success via apparel selection. The black pants are the power tie of football.
    3:40 Ooh, C.J. Bacher just overthrew his receiver and Brandon Mitchell nearly picked that one off. You have to know that our secondary is aware of just how much Bacher turns the ball over.
    3:42 Man...there's a big gain by Northwestern...fumble!! James Laurinaitis stripped it, but the dude was down. The refs are calling it a fumble. Hurry up and snap it because this one won't stand!
    3:43 He was definitely down. But the Buckeyes get the play off and Troy Smith hits Gonzo about 28 yards downfield. Great play, but the best part was when the ball was snapped.
    3:46 Touchdown Brian Hartline! From fourteen yards out, and Troy zipped it in there to him. That's the freshman's first career touchdown, and he's long overdue for it. Great to see. 7-0 Buckeyes.
    3:47 Troy watched Hartline the entire time on that play. He knew he'd be open, he just had to make sure. Oh, and a big thank you to the Big Ten refs and the replay officials. Now you only owe us about 37 more. Thanks.
    3:48 I'm shocked that they didn't take another look at that. It was a great job by Jim Tressel to get the play in and to get his offense out on the field. (I still say we need the defense to learn how to snap the ball. I bet Rich Rodriguez will listen to me.)
    3:49 Pettrey's kick goes through the goal posts.
    3:49:29 Nice thirteen-yard reception by Ross Lane. It was just beyond Marcus Freeman's reach. I think he'll get another shot at one of those today.
    3:50 Fumble!! Antonio Smith recovers the fumble. There were definitely no knees down on that one.
    3:51 Finish them!
    3:52 Statue of Liberty, and Pittman took the handoff fourteen yards down to the one-yard line. Great call. I don't think we've run that play since last year. Why would we break it out now? Oh, that's right, we play Michigan next week. I had almost forgotten. Anyway, nice play.
    3:53 Pittman from the one...he got stuffed...but bounced it out for the touchdown! Nice run by Antonio. The right side of the line was pushed back into Pittman, but he kept his balance and took a quick sprint out to the right and didn't slow down until he was in the end zone. 14-0 Buckeyes.
    3:54 Doesn't look like the travel issues were a problem. I knew they wouldn't be.
    3:56 This kickoff went off the cross bar. By the way, great looking crowd there today. It looks to be capable of a stadium-wide "O-H-I-O" cheer.
    3:56:43 Oh great. Tyrell Sutton just went 34 yards on a screen pass. Are you watching, Michael Hart? We're coming for you.
    3:57 Ha ha. Yeah, the reverse to the wide receiver and then having that wide receiver look downfield to throw is not a good call against us. Especially when Vernon Gholston stayed home and waited for the play to come to him. Then, of course, he sacked it.
    3:58 Speaking of sacks, Quinn Pitcock just got one. Bacher avoided the initial rush, but inevitability will get you every time.
    3:59 Blocked punt? Somebody got a hand on that, right? It was at least tipped. Yep, Vernon Gholston got a hand on it. It resulted in a 22-yard punt. Nice penetration, but Larscheid has to get his kicks up higher than that.
    4:00 From watching the kickoffs, I can only assume we've got the wind this quarter. I say we use it and put the ball in the air and down the field.
    4:01 Michael Hart just scored a touchdown. Looks like somebody is trying to keep up with the Joneses.
    4:03 Three and out for the Buckeyes. I'll stop making suggestions now. Sorry.
    4:05 Two-yard run for Sutton, but Ross Homan chased him down the line and put him in the ground. Very nice tackle by the true freshman.
    4:06 On third and eight, Bacher hit Sutton for about six yards, but Sutton fought for the last two. Nice strength shown there.
    4:07 Speaking of strength, Homan just swallowed Sutton up again. He just flowed down the line and met Sutton when he tried to cut up field. We need to keep him on the field.
    4:07:34 Pick! Brandon Mitchell with the interception! And he's gone!! Touchdown Buckeyes! Mitchell read that like a teleprompter and Bacher never looked him off. And the throw was even behind the receiver. But it was right to Mitchell, and he finished the play in the end zone. Very nice! 21-0 Buckeyes.
    4:08 Don't. Let. Up. By the way, that was our twentieth interception of the season. It's gotten to the point where you almost expect an interception in certain situations.
    4:09 The kickoff is through the uprights again.
    4:10 Sutton gets twelve yards on first down. James Laurinaitis was pancaked pretty impressively on that play.
    4:13 Another twelve-yard run for Sutton. Our linebackers are getting lost in the mix, and Sutton's getting to the hole and exploiting it.
    4:14 That's the end of the first quarter. The Buckeyes lead it 21-0.
    4:15 It was a fairly productive first quarter, except for the current Wildcat drive. However, you have to expect Northwestern to have some success on the ground with their spread attack. You can't equate it to how the defense will do against Michigan, though, because Michigan only runs spreads on the scout team.
    4:17 Eleven-yard screen pass to Tyrell Sutton. That dude gives us more trouble in the passing game than he does the running game.
    4:18 Wow, nice pass break-up by Marcus Freeman. He had coverage on Sutton and stuck his hand out at the last moment to deflect the pass. Very athletic play. I think he saved a touchdown on that one. Freeman's been playing the run better lately, but he's always been a quality pass defender.
    4:19 Third and eleven from the Ohio State twelve...and Bacher throws it out of the back of the end zone. The pocket was collapsing at breakneck speed.
    4:20 That leaves a 29-yard field goal...and it's good. Buckeyes lead 21-3. The defense held when they needed to hold. Nice job.
    4:23 Ted Ginn just brought the kick off out from about four-yards deep. If that's not somebody pre-determined to bring a kick out, I don't know what is. He got it back to the nineteen-yard line, so we'll let this one pass.
    4:24 Nice eighteen-yard pass to Rory Nicol. Troy was looking everywhere else, then drilled it into Nicol, who got to run for a bit before being tackled.
    4:26 Whoa! Troy just hit Hartline for 26 yards on third and ten. It was a perfect touch pass and Troy dropped it right in. Even more impressive was the way Hartline was able to avoid bodily harm while going up for the ball.
    4:27 Pitman goes for eight yards up the middle. The Buckeyes threw in a fake end around on that one. Did you see that, David Harris?
    4:31 Pittman two-yard run on first and goal from the nine-yard line. That puts him over 1,000 for the season. Congrats to him.
    4:32 And this is how you show appreciation for my congrats?? You fumble?? And you cost Troy Smith a touchdown pass in the process? Oh well, at least he was fighting for the goal line.
    4:33 OMG! Steve Breaston just caught a bomb for a touchdown! I thought it was a replay from like 2003, but it turns out it was from this game.
    4:34 What? Why is Northwestern getting the ball on the twenty? The ball never crossed the goal line. The ball should be at the one-yard line! I call shenanigans!
    4:36 Northwestern goes three and out. Much of that is due to the Buckeyes mixing in the blitzes. They need to keep dictating the pace, and not let the spread set the tone.
    4:36:39 The punt is blocked!! Again!! But this one was better! Larry Grant got it and I think he took it on the chin.
    4:38 Hartline again for the touchdown! This one was from nine-yards out on third and three. He's had to wait a while this season for his first score, but I'm guessing he doesn't mind so much right now. Dang it, another blocked extra point. This is a concern.
    4:39 I started Teddy in my fantasy league, and I'm not even upset that he's not getting any looks. I'm just happy for Hartline. I think that leaves Albert Dukes and Devon Lyons as the only scholarship receivers without touchdown receptions this season.
    4:42 Maybe Brian Hartline is the "Michigan wrinkle"?
    4:43 Another screen for Sutton. This one goes for twelve yards. Well, at least the Buckeyes are going to get a lot of looks at it before Michigan gets here.
    4:44 Northwestern just picked up 23 yards on another pass downfield. They're kind of abusing Malcolm Jenkins right now. By rule, that can't last much longer.
    4:45 Third and four from the Ohio State eight. We need to attack here. Here comes the blitz...swing pass to Sutton, touchdown. Shades of Northern Illinois right there. Where were the linebackers on that play?
    4:46 Oh yeah, they were blitzing. Anyway, 27-10 Buckeyes.
    4:47 Chad Henne just threw a bad interception in the end zone. If you care.
    4:49 Nice 27-yard kickoff return by Ted Ginn. He's not getting a lot of room to run, but he's making something out of what they're giving him.
    4:50 Pittman cutback for eight yards to the Ohio State forty-yard line. C'mon guys, let's speed things up a bit.
    4:51 Interception by McMannis. C'mon Troy, I said speedy, not greedy. Troy threw it down the sideline to Ginn, but the wind knocked the ball out of the sky, and Ted couldn't get back to it. Nice play by McMannis.
    4:53 Fumble!! Malcolm Jenkins forced the fumble on the throwback screen with a big, big hit. Jay Richardson came diving in to recover the fumble. Okay, time for a little redemption touchdown here by Troy.
    4:54 Troy's hit, but still gets it off to Roy Hall. Hall takes it into the end zone, but there's a flag down. I don't want to put the exclamation points to paper just yet. Holding on T.J. Downing. That's a big one. A very nice Brady Quinn-like Heisman moment shattered.
    4:56 Wow, nice play by McMannis down the sideline. Teddy was open down the field, but the ball was again a little under thrown. Northwestern got away with one on that play.
    4:56:31 Troy just threw another one down the sidelines, but had to throw it sooner than he wanted to due to the blitz, and the ball ended up out of bounds. Leaving the Buckeyes with third and twenty from the 34-yard line.
    4:57 But it doesn't matter!! Ted Ginn touchdown!! Troy got blitzed again and he threw it up to Teddy, who just happened to be in man to man coverage. What a great throw and a great catch. I'm not sure when Ted saw that pass, but he waited until the last minute to react to it.
    4:58 And now we've got a muffed snap by Trapasso. It hit him right in the hands and he couldn't catch it. That doesn't happen too often. 33-10.
    5:00 And that brings us to the end of the first half, with the Buckeyes leading 33-10. It was a good first half for Ohio State, especially when you consider the last half of football they played prior to this one. The running game looks good, Troy's thumb looks fine. The defense will be okay in the second half. The spread only works against us in the first half.
    5:21 Steve Breaston just returned a punt for a touchdown. He's back, ladies and gentlemen!!
    5:23 Oooh, a stumbling Ted Ginn just saved a touchdown for the Wildcats. If he had stayed on his feet, he may have returned the opening kick all the way. Still, I'll settle for the ball at the 37-yard line.
    5:25 Third and four...great snag by Roy Hall!! What a perfectly placed throw. But it looks like it was incomplete. Let's hurry up and run this play. Shoot, they're stopping play. This one will be overturned.
    5:27 Bob Griese mentions something about the replay official needing "definitive proof". Since when has that ever mattered? This is the Big Ten we're talking about, remember?
    5:29 And it's overturned. The Buckeyes have to punt. And Ross Homan tackles the returner. He's having a very good game today.
    5:32 Tyrell Sutton just dropped the swing pass to the outside. Antonio Smith read it perfectly and was coming up to hit Sutton. It would have been nice to see what kind of collision that could be.
    5:33 Bacher scrambles for seven yards, but is tackled by Ross Homan. This is getting to be old news.
    5:34 Interception Ross Homan! This will never be old news!! Maybe Ross Homan is the wrinkle? I'm guessing we'll see quite a bit of him next week.
    5:35 Troy Smith just scrambled for ten yards and was tackled by his facemask, so add on fourteen more; putting the ball at the Northwestern fourteen-yard line.
    5:36 Troy ran again, this time he stiff-armed a dude down to the ground! C'mon, you can't let a quarterback throw you to the ground like that. By the way, Michigan just missed an extra point. Copy cats.
    5:38 Touchdown Gonzo!! This one was from seven yards out. Troy waited for Gonzo to get open, and then fired it in there. It was actually a little behind him, but he still brought it in. Great catch.
    5:39 And the extra point is up and good!! Can you believe it!! Oh, and it's 40-10 Buckeyes.
    5:40 You have to love that quick change offense almost as much as you love the quick change defense.
    5:41 Time for Beanie on the next Ohio State possession, wouldn't you say?
    5:46 Boom! Tyrell Sutton just got drilled by Antonio Smith on the swing pass. He lost a yard. That was the collision I was talking about earlier. Though, as I watch the replay, I'm not sure who got the worst of it.
    5:48 Northwestern is forced to punt, and the punt lands in the end zone.
    5:51 They need to sit Pittman the rest of the way and see if Beanie's going to be able to help us next week.
    5:51:21 Aha, there it is...the "O-H-I-O" chant. That's nice. And it's capped by an eight-yard run to the left by Chris Wells. He was stumbling a bit, and that's all that kept him from picking up the first down.
    5:52 Beanie for fourteen more! He was dragging people on his way to the first down. That's why you can't just throw him on the bench and forget about him, especially with Michigan looming. Trust me, opposing defenses don't want to face this guy.
    5:53 Beanie for 33 yards up the middle!! You see? You see what you get?? You see what you get, Warriors!! Man, I thought he was gone on that one. Not sure why he wasn't. Looked like he tweaked something and came up a bit lame. But what a sweet stiffarm. We need to come up with a nickname for it.
    5:54 Two-yard run by Mo Wells. Maybe Mo is the wrinkle.
    5:55 Troy Smith just got sacked. That's definitely not the wrinkle. Jim Tressel was trying to get Troy a fifth touchdown pass, but nobody got open. That should pretty much end his day passing the ball down the field.
    5:56 I sure hope Beanie's okay. I think he can be successful against Michigan.
    5:57 Go Mo!! Go Mo!! Ohhh, he nearly got Troy Smith a gift touchdown. That was a terrific run after the catch by Wells. Remind me again why we only run him up the middle and don't look for him in space?
    5:58 Second and goal from the one, and here comes Beanie. Touchdown Chris Wells!! Right over the top. Great finish to a pretty impressive drive by the Wells Boys. 47-10 Buckeyes.
    5:59 Oh, I almost forgot, the Bean is back!!
    6:01 By the way, Jimmy Cordle has played a very nice game at left tackle today. There have been a couple of sacks and pressures today, but for the most part, Troy has had time and there have been plenty of holes to run through.
    6:02 Ha! I said in my preview that Antonio Pittman would rush for 80 yards today, and that's exactly what he's got. Of course, that's probably the only prediction I came close to nailing. But still...
    6:03 That's the end of the third quarter. The Buckeyes lead 47-10. I hope everybody's ready for a turbo quarter.
    6:04 Lou Holtz just said that it's hard to pick up first downs when you lose lost yardage. Uh...what? It's difficult to what when you what?
    6:06 Vernon Gholston just got his second sack! He got to the outside of his man and was able to get a freakish arm on the quarterback.
    6:07 Northwestern is forced to punt. I just wonder who's going to be back there to return it. Looks like Robo and Hartline. And Robo fields it and is tackled instantly. That's two pretty sure-handed guys back there.
    6:11 Maurice Wells just busted it outside for fifteen yards. It's amazing what the kid can do when he isn't fired right into two defensive tackles.
    6:13 Great catch by Jake Ballard on third down! Apparently he only makes great catches. That can only lead to disappointment.
    6:14 Cordle's back at center now. Not only are we very deep in the offensive line, but we're also very versatile.
    6:16 The Buckeyes turn it over on downs, rather than try a field goal.
    6:19 Ooh, big hit on the running back. That had to be Ross Homan. Yep. It's good to see him back in the fold.
    6:21 Northwestern's going for it on fourth and one. Option keeper and Lawrence Wilson stuffs him before he can get the first down! Nice play by Wilson. His upturn couldn't be happening at a better time.
    6:22 I'm guessing that Jim Tressel would like to get Chris Wells some more carries, however, if you sit him for the rest of the game, his confidence should be pretty high. If you instead choose to continue to run him, and he fumbles, then he's done. I'm guessing Beanie will get it some more here.
    6:23 South Carolina just scored a touchdown to take the lead on Florida! But they missed the extra point. That's going to cost them the game, you just know it.
    6:24 Six-yard run by Beanie. Yeah, there's risk involved, but I do love to see him run.
    6:25 Fourth and one. Time for Beanie. There he goes!! He just ripped off 25 more yards. You would like to see him get to the end zone, but I won't complain since we're up by 37 points. Man, that guy is scary-good.
    6:27 Wells has 99 yards rushing on the day. I say give him one more carry. Though, now that I think about it, that's almost like "Press Your Luck" when you've got about $30,000 in the bank and you keep spinning and you do the whole "No Whammies...No Whammies...No Whammies...Stop!!" Let's not risk the Whammies.
    6:28 Mo Wells just went for seven yards on an outside run. Gasp! Another outside run? Brilliant!
    6:29 Todd Boeckman four-yard keeper for the touchdown on fourth down! Jim Tressel didn't want to kick it, because that would be running it up. Instead, he allowed Northwestern's defense to try and end the game on their terms. What great sportsmanship! 54-10 Buckeyes.
    6:31 And that's the ball game, folks. The Buckeyes hold on for a 44-point victory.
    6:32 I think it's safe to say that the Illinois game was not indicative of where this team is right now. Of course, that has exactly nothing to do with how they'll perform against Michigan.
    6:35 So now, finally, it is Michigan Week. And I have to eventually decide which hate mail I'd rather receive. The mail from those hating me for picking the Wolverines, or the mail I'd receive from those hating me for picking the Buckeyes.
    6:36 It basically comes down to my integrity or my legacy. I know I should go with my head, and pick the game based on what I think will happen...but not everybody has the chance to leave a legacy.
    6:37 Even if it's a terribly lame one.
  11. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    The-Ozone Note and Quotebook
    By John Porentas
    Making Up for Lost Time. The Buckeyes didn't play particularly well in their previous outing against Illinois, but were very good this week against the Wildcats. OSU safety Brandon Mitchell said the Buckeyes felt a need to make up for lost time.
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Brandon Mitchell[/FONT] [​IMG] "Last week we didn't play as well as we wanted too," Mitchell said as the spokesman for the OSU defense.
    "We talk about taking a step forward every week and last week we felt like we took a step backwards so all week in practice this week we wanted to take two steps forward and I think we did that. We played well, we forced turnovers, we had a couple of bad drives, but other than that we played pretty well," Mitchell said.
    OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel appreciated his defense's output.
    "When your defense creates turnovers like that and puts pressure the way that they did, the offense got a short field quite often and capitalized a few times. I was proud of how the kids stayed focused on every game this season and now they're ready to play the Ohio State vs. Michigan game," said Tressel.
    Couple of Miscues: It was a good day for the Buckeyes in Evanston, but there were a couple of miscues. Quarterback Troy Smith threw and interception and running back Antonio Pittman lost a fumble, but in both cases, there were some mitigating circumstances. On Smith's interception, he appeared to throw into coverage, but following the game OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel said that Smith was somewhat of a victim of a bad decision by the OSU bench.
    Troy Smith [​IMG] "He had that one ball that was probably a poor call, asking him to throw a homerun into the wind, that was probably on me," said Tressel, who then added that he thought Smith's overall game against the Wildcats was solid.
    "I thought he was in charge the whole time," Tressel said.
    Pittman's miscue came as he was struggling to get into the endzone from at about the one-yard line. It was a miscue, but one of those mistakes that coaches can sometimes forgive because of the level of effort involved when the error occurred.
    "I tried to stretch it out to get the touchdown. I thought I was in but the call went the other way," Pittman said.
    Do it Again: OSU wide receiver Brian Hartline scored his first touchdown as a Buckeye on a TD reception against the Wildcats. He followed that right up with a second one in the game and added another impressive catch to cap an excellent day.
    Brian Hartline [​IMG] "Brian Hartline is a player," said OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel .
    "He's a player on special teams, he's a guy that it doesn't matter what position we want to put him in, three wide, four wide, five wide, he's a competitor.
    "He's going to be where you tell him to be and Troy found him in that same spot in practice this week because of what the defense did and Troy read it and found him a couple times up the seam.
    "He goes up and makes tough catches. He's a football player," Tressel said.
    Under Duress: One of the most spectacular plays of the game and probably the back-breaker for the Wildcats was the touchdown pass that Smith threw to Ted Ginn allowing Ginn to score with just three seconds remaining in the first-half clock. It was a remarkable play by both Smith and Ginn. Ginn, for getting himself open and making the catch at the last possible moment, and Smith for making a perfect throw despite being under intense pressure from the Northwestern pass rush. The rush didn't get to Smith in time to prevent the pass, but did get there soon enough to prevent him from enjoying a view of the outcome of his effort.
    "Actually I didn't see it," said Smith.
    " I was getting hit in the mouth."
    One Last Hurdle: The Buckeyes have won 11 games and lost none. That's a pretty good season under most normal circumstances, but this year is is anything but normal. The unblemished record heading into the season-ending game with Michigan leaves OSU still short of all of it's goals this season, including an outright Big Ten championship, trip to the National Championship game, and of course a win over the Wolverines. The good news, according to OSU Head Coach Jim Tressel, is that all those goals are still intact going into the regular-season finale this Saturday.
    "Here we are in game 12 and we still have a chance to reach our goals," said Tressel whose cup is obviously half-full.
    "We understand that we haven't reached them but we have a chance. There's not many teams out there right now that have a chance to reach all the goals that they set," Tressel said.
    Ohio State's 11-0 record marks the fifth time that an Ohio State team has started a season 11-0. That last team to do so was the 2002 team that finished 14-0. The other teams to start 11-0 were the 1975, 1979 and 1995 squads.
    Thad Would be Proud: One of the statistics that is often looked at when evaluating the performance of a basketball team is points off turnovers. This season, the Buckeyes have scored 134 points in producing 27 takeaways. The opposition has taken the ball away from the Buckeye 12 times. OSU has not allowed any points off those turnovers.
    Streaking: Ohio State's consecutive winning streak now stands at 18, longest in the nation and third-longest in OSU school history. The Buckeyes won 19 straight in the 2002-2003 seasons and 22 straight from 1967 through 1969.
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