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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
Irish Carbombs.... Best drink ever. Apparently they make me a mean drunk, however. Oh well

Favorite drinks, anyone?

Edit: for the uninitiated:

Take one shot Bushmills. Combine with one bottle Guinness. Drink. Repeat as needed.
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I have always been a big Captin Morgan guy.... I'll mix it with just about anything. Nutty turned me on to Grey Goose and Cranberry a little while ago... it's been my drink of choice for the last few weeks.
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Grey Goose and Cranberry (GG on the rocks towards the end of the night :biggrin: )

Captain and Coke.

Patron Tequila, chilled.

Madaket Mysteries at the Westender on Nantucket.

Peach Margaritas at The Forum in Cambridge.
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