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  1. scott91575

    scott91575 Resident hater

    evga, maker of motherboards, GPUs, and a few other computer components is running a promotion for [email protected] The promotion can earn up to $100 towards EVGA components. Just thought I would let others know. I already do [email protected], but it's a nice bonus. Free computer stuff is always nice.

    EVGA | [email protected] | Promotions

    in case you are not aware of [email protected], wiki has a nice writeup...

    [email protected] - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A noble cause.

    Just for reference, running one of my GTX280's gets me about 7000 points per day, which would make me eligible for the $100 in 142 days. Yes, there is the cost of electricity (which is tax deductible BTW), but the $100 covers that pretty well.

    Here is the download site. The advanced GPU download is the best if you have an NVidia 8 series or higher. If not, the CPU folding is not bad and should be enough to get to the 500,000 point promotion.

    [email protected] - Download the [email protected] software application

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