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I don't know about the rest of you but I take offense to the following article on Fox Sports:


I used their "feedback" option to send them this comment regarding the article:

I find it hard to believe that a major player like Fox Sports has the audacity to label Ohio State the "luckeyes". Let's see you lose only 2 games in 2 years based soley on luck. If you guys are going to make up names then let's start calling Florida State "Free Shoes University" and Miami "Criminal University". I think you guys are serious idiots for using a derogatory term to describe yet "another" win by OSU. Go Bucks!!
Fuck em...its the only way for the media to fathom Tressel-ball. They would rather see the 49-45 shootouts instead of a disciplined, old-school smashmouth game. Just keep winning and they will shut up
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I'm pretty sick of the term "luckeyes"

Luck is Nebraska needing a ball kicked in the air to beat Mizzu in 1997
Luck is relying on the other team to miss 3 XPs to eke out an OT win which should have never gone to OT LSU v. Oregon St.
Luck is catching a hail mary pass after it's been tipped and taking it to the house.. LSU v. Kentucky

Luck is not executing under the gun - i.e. gaining enough yards for a 55 yard FG attempt
Luck is not stopping a TB at the 1 footline to secure a 3OT win

In fact, I can't think of one "lucky" win for OSU except the 02 Cincy game where we relied on 2 dropped passes in the endzone.
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Let the media have thier little nicknames for us. Thier job is to sell paper and get people to visit web sites. If you respond to these people it just makes them write more BS... they're attention whores.
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Guys, the media and other teams just do not get it. They want to believe it is all luck - let them. All this will do is set them up for the kill. They come in believing that we are lucky and under estimating what we can do. We get 130 some yards and walk away with a W and they are wondering how we did it. I just continue to laugh as our opponents scratch their head and wonder how we do it. Our next opponent looks at us, sees that we squeaked out a victory over some nobody thinking they are better. What happens - they get beat wondering what went wrong.

Most of the Ohio State fans are believing that Buckeyes with Tressel will find a way to win. Our opponents are going to start to believe (if not already) and they will be looking for the black cat or broken mirror. It is going to get in their head and it will be curtains.

Life is good as a Buckeye. As far as our opponents and the media - I don't give a rat's rear end what they think. When they do care - they are just going to inflate our ego to later deflate it. Woody always said that the media wants to build you up, so that they can later tear you down.
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Georgia only scores 13 against Marshall...and they aren't lucky...they are getting first place votes. Ohio State didn't need luck to win that game. They were in control of the game the whole time...they were never behind in points, field position, or anything. It was all Ohio State all day.
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Georgia only scores 13 against Marshall
Marshall's for real. Anyone giving us shit for only winning by 3 should check that game out and re-assess.

The luck thing is really getting old. Is forcing 5 turnovers luck? Is a FG kicker who could score on Carmen Electra luck? Is Santonio Homes, AJ Hawk, Donte Whitner, Bobby Carpenter, luck? No, no, no!

Tresselball may not be exciting, but it works. I'd love to see a few more blowouts, but I've started to get used to the idea of taking control and winning close ones. I can't argue with the results. (However, speaking of blowouts, just wait a year or two when JZ, Pittman, and the receivers get experienced...)

Maybe it will take winning another championship to prove them all wrong- fine by me.
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AP had a a similar heading with "Luckeyes" as well today...
Actually, this was the AP article. Fox News just posted it. It was written by who? Keith Parsons? Looks like the AP is putting the big name writers on the trail of the "luckeyes".:roll2:

A little advice. If it's a bad article, that you don't want a website to get hits for posting. Simply copy and paste the article(text only) in your post. That way the internets version of ratings only count for the one person that initially read the article, and not the dozens of others that followed your link.
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