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LGHL Four-star SF names Ohio State in list of top schools

Bret Favachio

Four-star SF names Ohio State in list of top schools
Bret Favachio
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


An in-state target for Thad Matta and the Buckeyes dropped his group of 10 potential schools on Thursday

Young down to 10

From the 2017 class, small forward Kyle Young (Massillon, OH / Jackson), who Ohio State offered not even one month ago, dropped his list down to ten schools – and the Buckeyes made the cut. The 6'6, 205-pounder trimmed his list from 16 schools.

The schools schools still in the mix for Young besides Ohio State are: Butler, Clemson, Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, NC State, Purdue, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The good news for the in-state Buckeyes is that according to the 247Sports Crystal Ball, Ohio State is the odds on favorite to secure the commitment from Young at this point in time.

So blessed and thankful for all the amazing schools that have recruited me. I have narrowed it down to 10 pic.twitter.com/6tHaKA1jvA

— Kyle Young (@kyleyoung3144) June 9, 2016

Young comes in graded as the 100th best prospect in the 2017 class. The four-star prospect also grades out as the third best player in the state of Ohio, one spot below the aforementioned Wesson, and also 18th at the small forward position.

If Head Coach Thad Matta and the Buckeyes were able to reel in Young, it would bolt them into 4th in the 247Sports Composite team rankings. As of now, the only recruit committed to play for Ohio State from the 2017 class is Kaleb Wesson (Westerville, OH / Westerville South).

However, it is worth mentioning that it is very early to pay super close attention these recruiting rankings, as there is plenty of time for things to get shuffled around.

Martell talks Buckeyes

In a brief discussion with Luke Stampini of 247Sports.com, 2017 QB Tate Martell (Las Vegas, NV / Bishop Gorman) shared his thoughts on Ohio State, which may very well put a smile on the face of many Ohio State fans. In the link, Martell references his good relationship with head coach Urban Meyer and Co-offensive coordinator Tim Beck, and speaks on the success of Meyer.

"He’s obviously had success, every single one of his quarterbacks has been a Heisman Trophy candidate," Martell said of Meyer. "That offense being able to run the ball, pass the ball, whatever he needs to do with the quarterback. It’s always worked for him obviously. He’s always done really well, had winning records."

It is worth mentioning that in the interview piece, Stampini writes that the Buckeyes are considered the favorite for Martell. Not earth shattering news because that definitely seems to be the consensus right now but it is nice to hear for Buckeye fans as Martell will be in Columbus this weekend for a visit to the campus.

At Land-Grant Holy Land, "Tate Watch" has been covered extensively. Below are a few great pieces covering the recruiting of Martell, as well as his recent invitation to one of the premier QB camps in the United States.

When Martell cut his group of schools down to seven

Martell's invite to the Nike Elite 11 camp

Martell confirms that visit to THE Ohio State University

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