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Former RB/ST Coach Dick Tressel (official thread)


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Article in todays Dispatch that speculates Dick Tressel might be the next new coach at OSU.

I am familiar with the mantra "If it is what JT wants it is the right thing to do" - and have repeated it many times myself - but this selection would not excite me.

There are so many excellent young coaches all over the country who would salivate at the idea of coming to a great program like OSU with our tradition of turning out great RBs. What a cooincidence that the best candidate for the job just happened to be the brother of our coach.

I guess it doesn't really matter if I am excited, but how excited will the next great RB prospect be?

Again, the Dispatch is just speculating that this could happen.....
Dick has been traveling with Coach Tressel to all the pro coaching clinics this week. I think it is a VERY strong possibility that this will happen. In fact, some would call it a lock.

EXCELLENT CALL OH8 and Cols dispatch.
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Yep, heard the same on 1460 this morning Oh8ch. Too much rumor to be "just" a rumor. Sounds like a strong possibility if not a certainty at this point. I don't really know enough about Dick Tressel to have an opinion one way or the other.
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The only information on Dick Tressel is that he now holding down the position of Assistant Director of Football Operations. I think he use to be a coach of a football team up in Minnesota somewhere. Any other information is news to all of us. I think the kid out of Rutgers, Darryell Hazel will have greater control and responsibilities that Dick will have.
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Here's some info. uncovered on Dick. It seems like a lot of experience. I know it's D-III, but what were folks saying about brother Jim before his arrival at OSU? Interesting read at the very least ... the Tressels are just a football family.

November 21, 2000/For immediate release
Contact:* Dan McMahon, 651-523-2401 or 651-734-1224

After 23 seasons, veteran coach will focus on duties as men’s athletic director

ST. PAUL, Minn. – After 23 seasons, including coaching two of his sons, Hamline University head football coach Dick Tressel has announced his plans to step down and to focus more time and energy on his duties as men’s athletic director.

Tressel, who coached the Hamline Pipers to Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Championships in 1984 and 1988 and was named the NCAA Division III National Coach of the Year in 1984, finishes his Hamline coaching career with a record of 124-102-2.

Without a doubt, he said, one of the highlights of his 23 seasons as head coach was the opportunity to involve his entire family in the football program, including coaching two of his sons, Ben and Luke. Ben, a 1998 Hamline graduate, has worked for the past two seasons as an assistant coach for his father, and Luke was a senior defensive back and captain on this year’s Piper team that finished 2-8. Tressel’s wife, Connie, also has been actively involved, serving team photographer, events coordinator, pre-game breakfast provider and other roles as needed.

“Not many people get to opportunity to be involved with one program for as long as I have and to literally watch their kids grow from being team ball boys to players to coaches,” said Tressel, who had the opportunity to play football for his late father, Lee, at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. “My family and Hamline football have been inseparable for 23 seasons, and it’s been a wonderful and gratifying experience for all of us.”

With the average team comprised of about 72 players, Tressel has coached and helped shape the lives of several hundred young men during his 23 seasons at Hamline. While he’s enjoyed every minute, he said each year his athletic director’s duties take more of his time. He said the football program deserves to be led by someone who can give it more time, as well as new energy.

“I’ve run my leg of the race as best I can, and now it’s time to pass the baton to someone else who can take the program to the next level,” Tressel said.

Hamline University College of Liberal Arts Dean Garvin Davenport said Tressel has made significant contributions to the Hamline experience for many students.

“Alumni and current students speak highly of the influence he has had on their lives, on and off the field,” Davenport said. “I look forward to his continued contributions to the Piper tradition.”

The search for Tressel’s successor as head football coach will begin immediately.

Founded in 1854, Hamline University is Minnesota’s first university, serving a diverse student body of more than 3,300 degree-seeking students and 8,000 professionals in continuing education. Hamline University awards bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees and has four schools: the College of Liberal Arts; the School of Law; the Graduate School of Education, and the Graduate School of Public Administration and Management. The university also offers a master’s in liberal studies and a master’s of fine arts in writing through its Graduate Liberal Studies Program. Hamline University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.
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Dick Tressel might fill vacancy left by Spencer

Might there soon be two Tressels on the Ohio State coaching staff?

Several insiders indicated yesterday that Jim Tressel is considering his older brother Dick to fill a vacancy. Dick Tressel has been near his brother’s side most of the last three years, serving as the associate director of football operations with an emphasis on the academic progress and community outreach efforts of the players.

In that role, Dick Tressel answered to director of football operations Bob Tucker. If he were hired to coach running backs, Dick Tressel would answer to offensive coordinator Jim Bollman.

The Buckeyes are just more than a month from spring football drills. There has been no evidence of Jim Tressel seriously pursuing another candidate since Tim Spencer leftto become running backs coach for the Chicago Bears almost four weeks ago. Darrell Hazell was hired two weeks ago as the wide receivers coach.

Dick Tressel’s coaching resume is extensive. Before moving to OSU, he was head coach at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn., for 23 years and had an overall record of 124-104-2. He was named the NCAA Division III national coach of the year in 1984.

Jim Tressel, Dick Tressel and their late father Lee, a national championship-winning coach at Baldwin-Wallace, have the distinction of winning at least 100 games each as college coaches.

Jim Tressel also refers to his brother as "doctor," because Dick Tressel — a 1970 graduate of B-W with a master’s degree from Florida State in 1976 — received a Ph.D from the University of Minnesota in 1996.

Dick Tressel and his wife Connie have two coaching sons. Mike Tressel, a graduate assistant at OSU last season, recently was hired as a fulltime assistant at the University of Cincinnati by new coach Mark Dantonio, the defensive coordinator at OSU the last three years. Luke Tressel is a graduate assistant at the University of Minnesota.
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it would make a bunch of sense.....most especially if it is only for one year......its almost too late to brinig in an "outsider" for the 2004 campaign.....maybe dick tressel was the only option left......
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I don't know much at all about Dick Tressel, but does anyone think that he's got the right kind of experience for this job? With all of the good young talent we've got coming in, I'd think that we'd want someone with solid, hands-on RB or RB coaching experience.

But, who am I to second-guess JT? He's the one with the NC ring, after all...
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Dick Tressel named as RB Coach

I just heard on the radio (and confirmed at another website) that Dick Tressel has been named the new RB coach. While this isn't surprising, what does everyone think about this hiring?
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I thought that was already anounced, but I don't think I know anything about his RB coaching skills.

I really wish we had kept Tim Spencer some way, some how, but sense we didn't we will just have to see.

I thought he did a good job with the academics, and I kinda wish he was still doing that, and instead we hired a former great Ohio State RB, like Byars.

I don't know any of them were interested, so it is hard to gage.
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Dick Tressel named as RB Coach

Well I am not enthused at all about this, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he does in recruiting. He can't be any worse than what has happened the past year though.
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yea i must say this makes me nervous... i have no idea what his credentials are and im not gonna pass judgement but i am concerned... it seems pretty rare that a coaches son ever lives up to be nearly the coach his dad was, theres bowden, paterno, and shula as prime examples... the only major contradiction i know of to this is well tressel.. so maybe he can make it 3 in a row? i hope so..
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I'm not sure about the move either. He does bring over two decades over head coaching experience and was DIII coach of the year, two decades ago.

Just to clarify, he is not JT's son, but his older brother. I think the comment about a coach's son not living up to expectations of his father is moot here.

I hate to say it, but I still hope he is just a stop-gap until Eddie retires and can return to coach at OSU. I don't think that will ever happen at JT surrounds himself with people he knows, but I can still dream.
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